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Moreover, the Export feature includes the ability to combine multiple images and movies in order to generate video slideshows or screensavers. While the screensaver requires only a few clicks, the movie can be personalized with image filters, transition effects and sound files. To sum up, ZoomBrowser EX with keygen provides a large variety of tools for organizing, editing and converting digital images that are often found in more than one program. You should give it a try before installing other image processing tools. Download ZoomBrowser EX 6.9 cracked – The image management utility from Canon that can help you edit pictures

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If you need to adjust the image, there is no need for an additional editor as this program allows you to adjust the colors, remove red eye effects, trim the unwanted margins and even add a text or date watermark. The Export feature offers the option to resize the photos and change the file format to BMP, JPG or TIFF. Since the digital cameras are also able to record movies, the ZoomBrowser EX registeration keys comes with video manipulation tools. It is able to extract frames, adjust the movie orientation and configure the sound or image quality before exporting them as AVI or MOV files.

By default, the photos are stored in the Windows default image folder but the program allows you to add other folders from your hard drive in order to easily transfer images between your favorite locations. The application includes an advanced search tool which uses the photo EXIF data to identify the one you are looking for. The search results can be refined by personalizing images with comments, keywords and ratings.


  • It is only available as application software
  • Multi-functional tool with many features
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Manages and edits digital camera pictures The image management utility from Canon that can help you edit pictures ZoomBrowser EX portable is a powerful image manipulation tool that allows you to transfer images from a digital camera and manage them with minimum effort. The program is designed for the Canon digital camera owners who need to organize and edit their photos. The first step for organizing the images is to transfer them from the camera’s memory or SD card on your hard drive. ZoomBrowser EX 6.9 premium is designed to handle a large number of images by automatically organizing them into groups according to the shooting date.

System Requirements for ZoomBrowser EX:

I have installed on my Canon ZoomBrowser EX software (version 3.2) and I have purchased the new Canon Powershot a30 digital camera (the box contains a digital camera solution disk which can be found in CD-ROM). When I try to select a deregister image folder to delete an image folder and I got an error message: “An error has occured and the operation is cancelled. It is likely that the database has been corrupted. You can press the Restore button below to restore the database from a backup copy. You can also restore a database at any time by choosing the Database menu command. Error Code is: 0x80040a40” Is there anyway to delete it? It because the Canon ZoomBrowser EX database file have been corrupted due to restoring your database.

This question has already been tackled here.

When I try to open a program and I get a message: “ZoomBrowser EX is currently opened by a different user. You will have to Switch Users and close ZoomBrowser EX, before continuing.”. I have an installed older version of ZoomBrowser EX but is not supported with Windows 8. Any solution to this problem?

  1. Try right-clicking on it > Run as Admin.
  2. Insert the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk and found the Troubleshooting section of the PDF manual relating to error messages database. Go through their suggestions exactly (it involves uninstalling etc and installing).

My mom passed away and I had her memorial pictures in my Zoombrowser EX. I was deleting duplicates and some how I deleted all the pictures in the main folder. Is there any thing I can do? This was my last delete.

program’s called “recover my files” 😉

In order to recover your deleted files from Zoombrowser EX, I suggest use a utility from Software Informer database. These tools are built to recover all files deleted by mistake. Also, many of them are free of charge and easy to install and use.

Zoom Browser Ex always shows my photo folders by oldest folder first (which, for me, is 2007). I have tried repeatedly to change the sort criteria eg : Sort by Shooting Date – Ascending / Descending, and it doesn’t change anything. My 2007 folders remain on top and my 2011 folders are buried in between the dated folders and my renamed folders. It is really annoying, as I have to then look in the middle of my folder list each time to find recently uploaded photos. Why doesn’t this work? And why wouldn’t the default be newest folders first?

The latest version of the product was tested and the sorting feature is working normal. If a fresh install of your product doesn’t solve the issue, update the program’s version to the latest released. The behavior that you encounter is most probably caused by an internal error of the application that will be fixed if you follow the steps provided above. To obtain a download link for the latest version, visit the application’s review page from Software Informer.

Every time I’m downloading the pictures from my camera, the ZoomBrowser utility says that it’s not working. What can I do?

In order to fix the issue, I suggest you update the software to the latest version. Navigate to the Canon Downloads page, identify your camera model, click the Drivers and Software link, download and install the program. Also, press the Windows + R key combination, type devmgmt.msc and click OK. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers list, right-click on the driver and select Uninstall. After that, reboot your computer, connect the camera, press Scan for hardware changes icon from Device Manager and wait Windows to retrieve the drivers.

I have a photo in my ZoomBrowser that I need to send by email. It has to be 500Kb. Currently it has 84Kb and I can only increase it to 300Kb. Can you help?

You could use software like Photoshop from adobe.
You can also increase your photos online by using websites such as:
1 )www.resizeyourimage.com
2 )www.resizeimage.4u2ges.com
Just upload your image, re-size them online and download them.

In order to increase your photo size, I suggest you download and install Magic Photo Editor, FramePhotoEditor or Fotosizer. The last one is free of charge and once you launch it you need only to press the Add Image icon, to open your file and to change its size from the Resize Settings menu. Unfortunately, these application, will damage your photo quality, because they will not add any other pixels to your photo. They will only enlarge the existing ones. For this reason, I suggest you try Resize Pilot. Even if it is not free, you can use its trial version to increase the size of your file. Also, you can try online services like: Fix Picture, PicResize, or Fotor Photo Resizer.

I have had Zoom Browser EX for years. Re-installed it to a new computer, Windows 8 (64bit), but there is no camera (SX520) recognition or downloading photos into the program now. Do I need to update the program?

Yes, you will need a product update for ZoomBrowser EX, but unfortunately, the official website doesn’t offer any possibility to update it for Windows 8. You can check the available downloads for this product on the Support page provided by Canon.

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  1. I got this program with my Cannon camera about 9 years ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. The print part with frames and taxt is outstanding. All of my friends esk me to print pictures for them.

  2. I have installed the Zoom browser program over 6 yrs ago. I now want to purchase a new Cannon Rebel EOS t3. Will this program work for my new camera?

  3. I ran the .exe and it immediately opened up my Windows font folder and displayed the list of fonts. No installation required. Nice. The screen to view the fonts is large and easily displays each font properly. You can select a font with the mouse or just arrow down through the list. What really surprised me was how fast this app is. Very cool. I’m keeping this.

  4. What could be a great addition is if one could highlight two files in your explorer, right click on it and click on something like “ExamDiff” to compare the two files. Just an idea.

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