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In my opinion, a disadvantage of using ZipGenius Full Version license code is that you need to configure plenty of settings in order to attach an archive to an email. You need to install an email program, create associations and adjust the settings which I consider to be a waste of time. Yet, the performance of ZipGenius free download was more than satisfactory when it came to file compression and extraction. Moreover, another reason why you should give it a try is that you will never have to pay anything to use it.

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A good thing about this application is that it comes with two different interfaces designed for beginner and advanced users. If your experience level in handling compression tools is low, it’s for the best you opt for the novice mode as you could lose relevant data from your PC if you configure the settings wrongfully. In addition to that, the program supports a large number of file compression formats, allows archive encryption/decryption and even lets you send your ZIP files via email.

Share documents via your email account

Sending an archive via e-mail is done by using the default mail client of your computer (e.g. MS Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird). It is also possible to backup files, convert a compressed pack into a multi-volume archive, add comments, insert date and time, etc.

To end with

All in all, testing ZipGenius Full Version Serial Key was a piece of cake. It’s simple enough for beginners, while power users can also spend quality time with it exploring the advanced features it has to offer. It takes advantage of basic system tools to get the process done as fast as possible, with little effort required on your behalf.


  • It might take a while to encrypt/decrypt larger ZIP archives
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can send archives via email directly from the program’s interface
  • Fast compression/extraction
  • Supports various file compression formats
  • Too many configurations in order to attach archives to emails
ZipGenius activator

ZipGenius setup is a tool to manage compressed files. Download ZipGenius patch free, a compression tool that is compatible with RAR, ZIP, ARJ files on your PC ZipGenius 6.3 Free Crack: the free and powerful archive manager for Windows. Running out of hard disk space? ZipGenius 6.3 registration keys is a free desktop utility for file compression/decompression activities. The free file compression utility with lots of features. It can handle more than 20 different types of compressed files. It can help you also to protect your documents by converting ZIP archive to CZIP format, a portable and powerful encryption technique that supports three among the best encryption algorythm: Rijndael (AES), BlowFish and TwoFish.

System Requirements for ZipGenius:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 233 MMX / AMD K5
  • RAM: 16 MB
  • 16 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows All, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2012, Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Software
  • Last version

What’s new in ZipGenius?

Update needed to fix a 7-zip security issue.
Bugxfix to command line module not processing files over 4 GB (Zip64 error message).
Added CZIP 2 Opener ZGTool as a workaround to the "Unicode disaster"
Fixed items not working in Windows context menu
Fixed command line module not working
Small bugfixes
Added links to Official Google+ page
Fixed (once for all) missing text from context menu in Windows 64-bit edition
Fixed missing text in user interface when converting ZIP to CZIP from context menu
Fixed "Open Destination Folder" option not working after extraction
Compression and Extraction dialogs were redesigned in order to smaller and suitable for netbook-sized displays
Fixed Drop-to-ZipGenius wizard for archives (it was not switching to MultiOpen)
Added warning when user tries to shut down ZipGenius while previewing a file
Fixed bug while user was trying to shut down ZipGenius until previewing a file (archive doesn't close, now)

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  1. My preference of archive programs and the most all around useful archive tool I’ve used.

  2. you have to register to get a serial, the program stays on top so you have to kill it to see the reg site, then after registration there was on an error so i never got my reg code. sux

  3. How long before this will not be a beta and available to plus users? The current version is so dated!

  4. Highly Configurable means lots of Set Up, Long install time, to install all the extensions you need to use

  5. Redesigned interface with version 2011. It is incredibly bad: cumbersome, slow, non-intuitive, etc. If you have large disks you must purchase the separate Plus Pack. Image Restore still broken for large GPT-type disks.

  6. It’s a great way to keep your computer in the tip-top condition, it requires you to do some work, but also be in control.

  7. Is it possible to record a video on lifeframe and then burn it to disk? If so, what is the best file format to use?

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