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Reliable time management application

The program can help you create a schedule with all your activities, mark them properly, then attempt to complete them. There are two main categories, one for your normal activities, and the other for unplanned and urgent tasks. In addition, you can build an inventory with unscheduled future plans, that can be revised later on. XorTime 2.0 For Pc Free Download features a built-in timer set by default to 25 minutes, which can help you apply the Pomodoro technique on your scheduled tasks. After the timer stops, you can mark your activities accordingly.

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  1. Main page, where the tasks that are going to be completed are written down, together with all the details that affect them.
  2. Another page in which the tasks that still haven’t been planned are written down.
  3. The statistics of the work that has been completed.
Using this software is very simple, and after using it once or twice it’s perfectly possible to dominate all its components. In the interface of the main page the program includes a small series of icons with which it will be possible to mark each of the tasks: estimated ‘pomodoros’, how many have been used, the external and internal interruptions, and the completed task tick. Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to optimize how you use your time, download and install PomoTime as soon as possible.

XorTime Full Version license Key is a small and easy to use Windows application that comes in handy for people who use the Pomodoro Technique. The program implements: – a timer – To-do Today and Inventory sheets – tracking of completed pomodoro, abandoned, interruptions – Statistics on a month basis. XorTime 2.0 license Key will allow you to control the amount of time you spend on each project. The Pomodoro technique in your hands, after you download PomoTime for PC

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Download XorTime registeration keys – Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and work on your time management techniques with this lightweight and intuitive application A "pomodoro technique" software. Not bad but not free anymore, so … A "pomodoro technique" software. Not bad but not free anymore, so … It comes in handy for people who use the Pomodoro Technique XorTime 2.0 setup is a small and easy to use Windows application that can come in handy for people that use the Pomodoro Technique. It implements a timer, To-do Today and Inventory sheets, tracking of completed pomodoro, abandoned, interruptions, and statistics on a month basis.

System Requirements for XorTime:

What’s new in XorTime?

First implementation of Chinese version.
Fix: Move row up/down.
Fix: Graphical issue with the buttons bar.
Compatible with Arabic language.
Improved copy, paste, Undo and text selection capabilities.
Fix: Month Detail page sometimes is empty.
Previous ToDo lists are shown in grey.
Added new layout to Todo-list page and customizable skins.
Adding today's total time (hr and min) to monthly stats.
Fix: start timer on empty row, click Ok => crash (thx Jonathan M.)
Fix: delete char in the middle of a string then write => chars wrongly appended! (thx Jonathan M.)
Fix: Change User data dir

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  1. Doesn’t work. Pure and simple, does not work and there is absolutely NILL support from the publisher. They don’t even respond to emails.

  2. It’s too complex. I’ve tried to follow the tutorials, and I’m STILL lost. All I’ve figured out was how to make shapes, and any attempts to export result in slowdowns, and sometimes even freezing.

  3. I tried various file formats (mpg, avi, wmv, …), but I always get an error “Could not create instance of CLSID_WideoMixingRenderer”. Product Website doesn’t help.

  4. It is too expensiv in the standard version ( Joomla templatemaking) for privat not commercial use. Joomla is free – there are free templates – and you can hope to change them.

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