Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 license Key

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Activate a 5-minute reminder

Furthermore, you can activate a reminder five minutes before the task is performed to give you the chance to disable it if you change your mind. Once the scheduler is confirmed, Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 Registration Code automatically gets minimized to the system tray and runs in the background. You can bring it up anytime to cancel the job and edit the settings, or just exit the tool directly.

Wise Auto Shutdown free full download

Bottom Line

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 Full Version license code gives Windows users more power and options for controlling their computers. While some users might benefit from more scheduling options, Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 portable strikes a balance between options and ease of use that most users will appreciate. Shut your PC down with this convenient and automatic PC shutdown tool. Wise Auto Shutdown full version patch is a very popular automation tool Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 with crack is a simple utility that can shut down your PC automatically. This is useful for scheduling your computer to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and close power at any time you need. Key Features include:

  • Simple User interface.
  • Configure auto shutdown, restart, logoff, and sleep.
  • Time configurable.
  • Silent running mode.

Now 17 languages are included in Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 registeration keys. They are English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Czech, Dutch(Nederlands), French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish(Spain), and Turkish. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Download Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 serial code – Automatically shutdown your computer or schedule it to reboot, log off or enter the sleep state after a specific time interval you set


  • You can specify a date, a daily time or start a countdown
  • Nice interface
  • None
  • Different actions
  • None I don’t think of till now.
Wise Auto Shutdown activator

Evaluation and conclusion

The software utility worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the operating system to freeze, crash or prompt error messages. Its impact on the machine's performance was minimal. The only downside to the tool is that it doesn't integrate an option for creating multiple scheduled tasks or for quickly confirming one with the last applied settings. Nevertheless, Wise Auto Shutdown 1.61 serials delivers a fast and reliable solution to scheduling automatic power actions for the computer, and it can be handled by anyone with ease.

System Requirements for Wise Auto Shutdown:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: secure.avangate.com
  • Author Wise Cleaner
  • Last version 1.61

What’s new in Wise Auto Shutdown?

Minor bug fixes.
Updated various translations.
GUI and usability improvements.
Fixed some issues from the users' feedback.
GUI Improvements.
Fixed the issue that Russian can't be displayed properly.
Fixed the issue that 32-bit system can’t be installed.
Improved the usability of 'From Now' task schedule.
Improved localization support.
Minor GUI Improvements.
Improved the usability of Daily task schedule.
Fix display error of tray icon.
Other minor bug fixes.
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  1. No real faults. Its not great looking, but the interface is easy to use and easy to learn – in a few minutes or less.

  2. I can only conclude that all of the positive reviews of this junk were from company shills. As noted by several reviewers, the installer crashes (I tried to install on winXP IBM Thinkpad… not exactly an unusual configuration). What happens upon attempting to install, though, is that the install DOES manage to put all kinds of low level services on your system before it just sits there never finishing…

  3. Pricey for the casual, curious user. Quite a bit of a learning curve, but you;ll be surprised at what is possible with this powerful app.

  4. The Cnet downloader came with Webroot Secure Anywhere as an optional addition. I’ve used Webroot products and trust them, so I clicked “agree” to install it. Without asking permission, it made a full scan of my system, found 3 instances of malware and removed them. One it considered malware was the Cnet installer. Webroot then rebooted, scanned again, found 1 more malware, removed it, scanned again foun 6 more malwares 1/2 of which were those it had removed the first two times. It removed the file I’d come to Cnet to download, I feel it did this because the installer had an .exe.exe extension, often a sign of malware. After all this, scanning/rebooting 3 times, the software I wanted from Cnet had been removed! In the future I will seek elsewhere for my software downloads, I refuse to use download.com until that irritating Installer is no longer a part of Cnet. Download.com worked quite well without that installer, and I won’t visit download.com again until Cnet ceases to use it.

  5. More choices needed for timing and input to the card. SMPT knowledge required in order to send out; this will stop most people trying to use the program. Other programs just allow you to hit an email button.

  6. After a few days using the free version I started getting a popup asking if I wanted the pro version and became pretty much useless. The pro version costs 29.95 per computer! No thankyou. No blocker is worth that in my opinion.

  7. I wanted to create an application that recognizes the text in images and save it as text, I tried many free toolkits but most of them support only English, hard to implement or full of bugs. I ended up using Leadtools. I like Leadtools because they support many languages not only English.

  8. How they manage to dupe web site creators into using this horrible piece of software might make for an interesting case study.

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