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UHARC is well-known for its great compression rates, higher than the ones that the other popular archivers provide. WinUHA 2.0 Full Version Activation Key has the same efficiency when it comes to compressing large files. But at the same time, the compression speed remains very slow. That also goes for the extraction process. Though WinUHA 2.0 full version patch can get a little slow when dealing with large files, you will find the application very useful to create small-size archives for e-mail sharing. The application is under constant development. It is scheduled to get new improvements like RAR, ZIP and Ace extraction support. Nevertheless, WinUHA 2.0 activator comes in handy whenever you get tired of the UHARC command-line interface.

WinUHA full version serial keys

WinUHA 2.0 license code is a Graphical User Interface for the UHARC application WinUHA 2.0 full version patch is an efficient graphical user interface for the UHARC archiving tool. UHARC is a high performance file archiver. If you are familiar with this tool, you will find WinUHA 2.0 with keygen extremely useful when it comes to creating and managing file archives. WinUHA serial code application includes all the features of UHARC under a friendly and professional interface, similar to the Windows Explorer folder view. One great thing about this program is that it supports shell menu integration. Using the shell extensions WinUHA Registration key provides, you are able to easily create or decompress archives in a way similar to WinRar. Another feature of WinUHA 2.0 full version is its ability to create password protected archives.

A GUI for its powerful ancestor

WinUHA Full Version Registered is basically a graphical user interface for UHarc, a compression archive format originally created for DOS which featured good results. Unfortunately, it does not support very large files (>2 Gb) so it should only be used on smaller files.

Intuitive interface makes it easy to use

WinUHA 2.0 Full Version Registration key’s main window is well organized, being divided into two large panels: one for exploring the folders, and the second one for browsing through the contents of each directory, so as to select the files that need to be archived.


  • Free application
  • None
  • Strong compression
  • Easy-to-use interface
WinUHA free full download

WinUHA license code – powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) for UHARC. UHarc (Uwe Herklotz archiver) is a high-compression 386+ DOS and Windows file archiver. Download WinUHA Full Version Free Crack – A potent and intuitive GUI for UHARC with shell integration that enable powerful and quick file compression in order to save precious disk space A potent and intuitive GUI for UHARC with shell integration that enable powerful and quick file compression in order to save precious disk space

System Requirements for WinUHA:

  • Author Salvatore Ravidà
  • Last version 2.0

What’s new in WinUHA?

Translation Engine
SFX Support (only for 0.6)
UHARC 0.6 and 0.4 Support
Temp Extraction
Archive Folders Tree
Extraction Paths History
New (Self Made) Graphical Objects: Ratio InfoBar, Folders Panel
Cascade Shell Context Menu
Custom Command Line
Many Other Changes and Options
Shell Menu too large sometimes
wrong visualization of some characters
Unable to open Archive if it as "%" in filename
Windows 9x Shell Icons Bug Fixed
Other bug fixes

WinUHA 2.0 RC1 full version crack

26 Comments on “WinUHA 2.0 patch”

  1. I use the software to test all kinds of strategies on a daily basis and even though it does not support sending automatic trading signals to my broker it is an invaluable tool to help me not to fool myself. It will plainly state that most of the strategies I come up with are crap, which saved me lot’s of money already.

  2. A few minor menu glitches, like how do I convert another disc without closing and re-opening the program?

  3. Many. Files dont show up on PS3 even after a full restart of the entire network still only a few managed to make it to the library and then they dont even work..even though its supposed to transcode on the fly. Even if they all would of came up. Streaming doesnt function as advertised, no transcoding ect

  4. I had the advanced version running on my browser for a good 7 or 8 years up until about 2 months ago when it suddenly disappeared for no reason. I clicked on `view` toolbars and apparently it was still in the drop down list (with no check) against it. I clicked on it to view it on the taskbar and all that I’m offered is a disable option? Uninstalled it / re-installed a newer version + still the same outcome, won’t show ? Any ideas?

  5. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  6. Be careful using windows 98 – Only recorded for approx 4 minutes before program locked up. Support was not adequate.

  7. I have Windows 2000. This program took a suspiciously long time to install. Then it scanned my default 30g hard drive in less than 60 sec. and found 0 spyware. There was no option to scan my storage hard drive. You have to email your log results to them. Then they will email you a fix to copy and paste into the program. You have to do this with the paid version as well. What a PAIN! Just another waste of time program!!

  8. Slow to open–problem/conflict with Windows 7??? I’m not a techie so I can’t diagnose. On top of which, 95% of the time it refuses to open and then I have to do some hocus-pocus or log off and reboot. It’s a royal pain.

  9. Couldn’t open html links in my default browser (kept getting error messages). I have had to prevent it being my default email client because of this. No choice when it comes to changing notification sounds or pop-up templates.

  10. Uhm the menus are VERY complicated. Ive been trying to find the d*** red eye remover to no avail. I don’t know if its because that its just a free trial but i feel some tools are missing..hmmm..maybe if i download it again it will work. Another thing is that it runs veryyy slow Ugh!..basically i don’t even use it. I don’t have the patience for it. I’m very disappointed with photoshop they usually do so well.

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