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WinHTTrack Website Copier full setup

The Internet is nowadays accessible from almost any corner of the world, it only depends on the connection type that is available in one region or another. Sometimes, when no connectivity is available, browsing a website can still be done, provided that an offline copy has been previously created. Besides the webpage saving capabilities offered by all major web browser out there, once can try a dedicated software solution like WinHTTrack Website Copier Full Version Activation Key .

WinHTTrack Website Copier keys

Without internet access in a particular moment… and the information of your favorite website is not available, in that case you need to use WinHTTrack, which will allow you to create a complete copy of the website in your hard drive. Although the simplicity and shortly striking appearance of the software is very useful, its performance depends of the website content that we are trying to save, it has multiple configuration functions sometime causing difficulties for home user due the complexity of the options.

An excellent resource management of the software enables multiple tasks at once without losing the performance of the system. The author gives us a quick guide of the use of the software on his website, but did not provide details of configuration in a simple matter or auto-detection causing a necessary search for the user for each individual case or use. We can appreciate functions such as administration of projects, navigation files, administration of files and pages, complements, etc. In functionality it updates links from one page to another in order not to lose the order or the structure of the site, which gave us a higher performance than navigating the site directly.


  • Excellent management of resources
  • Poor user guide
  • No network auto-detection
  • Complexity of the configuration
  • Multiple languages support
WinHTTrack Website Copier full download

A very easy to use application, that requires minimal configuration upon installation, you can use this tool to create full copies of websites you would like to visit even if the network or Internet connection is temporarily down or simply not available. WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.49 with serial keys creates locally the entire structure of the target website and you can set parameters like the mirroring or external depth and thus choose how far you want to program to crawl and fetch the needed content.

System Requirements for WinHTTrack Website Copier:

What’s new in WinHTTrack Website Copier?

Buffer overflow in output option commandline argument (VL-ID 2068) (Hosein Askari)
Minor fixes
Engine fixes (keep-alive, redirects, new hashtables, unit tests)
Fixed: Google RPMs use /usr/bin/google-chrome as program location (Cickumqt)
Fixed: Fixed htsserver not dying (immediately) on quit
New: Updated WIN32 OpenSSL to 1.0.1j (Evgeniy)
Fixed: injection-proof templates
Fixed: htshash.c:330 assertion failure ("error invalidating hash entry") (Sergey)
Fixed: Windows 2000 regression (fantozzi.usenet)
Fixed: code cleanup (aliasing issues, const correctness, safe strings)
New: handle –advanced-maxlinks=0 to disable maximum link limits
New: updated ZIP routines (zlib 1.2.8)
Fixed: fixed infamous "hashtable internal error: cuckoo/stash collision" errors
Fixed: webhttrack incompatibility with Chrome

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