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Once this process has been completed, we can also create an unnattended installation and burn it in a DVD or a few CDs. It also warrantee that Windows registries and libraries wont be modified, a strong point taking in consideration that similar applications corrupt those files often and we dont even get notified about it. vLite 1.09 keygen works really fine, I tested it and the only major issue I had wasn’t related with it directly, unfortunately it depends on Microsoft Windows Automatic Installation Kit, a 1.3gb file that includes some tools to interpret and work with Vista Imaging technology, what a surprise!

vLite free full download

vLite license code is a freeware application for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 for creating customized installation media. vLite Full Version Free Download is a freeware application for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 for creating customized… vLite 1.09 premium is a Windows Vista Setup manipulation tool that aids you making it lighter Download vLite Full Version Registration Code – It means easy removal of unwanted components and bootable ISO creation in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking vLite 1.09 license code is a tool that will allow you to customize the Windows Vista installation DVD. Download vLite 1.09 full version crack and choose the installation options of Windows Vista

Windows Vista is, probably, the heaviest client operating system in the market . Without the possibility of removing features within its instalation Windows Vista can become the reason of your Nightmares, but here comes vLite 1.09 Full Version serial code to rescue us. vLite free full download 1.2 allows you to create unnattended Windows Vista installations, remove everything you might not want in your Windows Vista Setup Disc and It also lets you do the opposite, integrate drivers, updates, language pack or service packs in the setup easy!


  • Requires WAIK, a 1.3 gibytes file from Microsoft
  • User Friendly Step by Step Wizard
  • Finally you can include your serial data driver to your windows vista dvd
vLite For Windows 10 Download

vLite full version crack is a software solution designed to customize Windows Vista installation files, allowing you to remove unwanted files and features. Basically, vLite 1.09 full version serial keys is a different way to create an ISO file for installing a personalized flavor of Windows Vista, boasting only the features and the applications you need. Although it may sound like a job mostly addressed to experienced users, vLite 1.09 license Key has a very clean and straightforward interface, which means beginners can safely use the application as well.

System Requirements for vLite:

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.vlite.net
  • Author Dino Nuhagic
  • Last version 1.09

What’s new in vLite?

new: Network Access Protection Agent
new: Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
fix: WLAN (WSearch 4.0 install)
new: '16-bit Support'
new: 'Crash Dump Support'
new: 'Digital Rights Management (DRM)'
new: 'Distributed File System (DFS)'
new: 'Group Policy' (Extreme)
new: 'Intel Indeo'
new: 'Microsoft Multi-Path Bus'
new: 'Remote Access Connection Manager'
new: 'Routing and Remote Access'
new: 'Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)'
new: 'SSDP Discovery'
new: 'Telephony'
new: 'TV Tuner support'
new: 'User-mode Driver Framework'
new: 'Windows HotStart'
new: 'XBOX 360 Controller'
new: Swedish GUI language
upd: 'Function Discovery' changed to 'Windows Connect Now'

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  1. This latest edition was confusing to download and install. I finally dowloaded each part individually. Thus I have pieces but nothing working together under a single program.

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