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Truth is, it can prove to be quite handy, but in most cases this kind of applications rely on an eye-candy interface and highly-customizable tools. This time however, Visual Tooltip serial keys fails to impress, not only from the point of view of its look, but also because of the performance it provides when loaded on a Windows 7 workstation. Visual Tooltip 2.21 Full Version Full Crack is a simple application that creates a dock-like task bar on your screen, providing a different way to manage the running programs. The program boasts an impressive settings menu, with tons of options, all of them concerning the look of the task bar. You can thus configure the minimal size of the thumbnails, the background, which can be either colored or transparent, show border, show window title and set up thumbnail display animation. Additionally, you can choose to place automatically all thumbnails in the dock, configure space between thumbnails and even show a progress bar whenever you're performing an action such as copy or download. While the look of the newly-created dock-like task bar is more or less decent, not the same thing can be said about the performance on a Windows 7 workstation. The bar is terribly slow and you can't even move it on the screen because the thumbnails need at least a few seconds to reach the new position. Still, Visual Tooltip 2.21 pre-Activated worked okay on Windows XP, with just a minimal footprint on computer resources. All in all, Visual Tooltip 2.21 Full Version Registration key is far from what you may expect when hearing about a dock-like taskbar utility.

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Download Visual Tooltip 2.21 serial code – The application lets you switch between multiple desktop applications using a graphic interface Once installed, every time you put the mouse over an icon in the taskbar, Visual Tooltip 2.21 free full download will show you a mini window with the content of that program. You can build a dock that will allow you to easily cycle through the different programs by adding that windows to it. Visual Tooltip 2.21 Full Version keygen 2.21 is a program that shows a thumbnail of a window by putting the mouse cursor over a button of the taskbar. That thumbnail can be later moved anywhere on the desktop, added in a dock bar or rotated. The program runs, by default, in French, but can be easily changed to English or other seven languages. Using the “Thumbnails” tab you can set the size, the background and the border color of the thumbnails. ·”Display” lets you set the transparency, icons and titles to show, refreshing percentage, and everything that should be displayed or not. “Dock” allows you to set your preferences for the docks, such as color, transparency, rotation and position. “Taskbar” allows you to enable or disable the taskbar, and the space you will keep for the dock. Visual Tooltip 2.21 portable 2.21 shows a thumbnail by putting the mouse over the taskbar The application lets you switch between multiple desktop applications using a graphic interface


  • Using Alt-Tab is simpler
  • It´s a program that will display graphically the apps that you maintain opened in Windows
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  1. Since it is a work in progress, a lot need to be done. For example, you can’t select youtube quality of videos. But hopefully it will mature!


  3. You can create new programs besides the ones that come with the software (and they are quite exhaustive), but the software will not save these new programs for some reason. Kind of a bummer.

  4. none, you get used to the flashing. It wont work if you wont let it! Open your mind to the possibility

  5. This applies to just about all 3rd part cliants for Runescape. They contain Viruses, Spyware and other Nasty Suprises. They are made to mess up your computer and to steal your passwords. Do not download them in any circumstance. Not to mention if Jagex, the company that created and owns Runescape, were to catch you, your account would be banned.

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