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This removes the need for Quick Launch and adds its capabilities into taskbar Take back control of your task bar! ViGlance 1.0.1306 Activation Key simplifies your windows taskbar by organizing your programs so that there‚Äôs clutter. The ultimate upgrade for your Windows Taskbar! If you’re still not ready to change your operating system, but you are tired of the aspect of your old Windows XP, we have a quick and simple solution: ViGlance crack , that will manage to improve its design and functionality.

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ViGlance Full Version keygen is a lightweight application that is designed to bring new functions to your Windows taskbar. The program is aimed at Windows XP and Vista users that can take advantage of some features currently available in Windows 7. The first feature that stands out right after you install the program is the transparency effect that is added to the taskbar. A productivity booster is the possibility to view the thumbnails of the opened windows of a certain application by hovering the mouse over taskbar icon. If you are working with multiple documents it is much easier to select one of them by quickly looking at the content preview instead of reading its title. The thumbnails generated by the program also display the title of the window, which comes in handy since the thumbnails are not always visible.

Transform your old-fashioned Windows XP taskbar into the innovating Windows 7 bar

ViGlance 1.0.1306 pin is a small utility with which a simple click of the mouse we will manage to renovate the aspect of the Windows XP operating system, because by only launching the application, it will transform the taskbar into the Windows 7 bar, which is a lot more modern and functional.

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Pinning application shortcuts to the taskbar is another feature in Windows 7 that ViGlance 1.0 Free Download Activator can bring to XP or Vista, through the context menu. The same menu enables you to minimize, to restore or to close all the windows from the group with just one click. The program also allows you to unpin a certain program or to clear all the pinned items from the Options window. Finally, you can change the aspect of the Start button with a replica of the Windows 7 Start button. This does not change the Start menu or the functions of the button and is only meant to replace the classic green button with a more modern one. Although it looks better you should know that it disables the context menu that lets you access the properties of the taskbar and of the Start menu. The program's installer attempts to download other toolbars and applications that do not improve its functionality in any way. If you do not need these programs you can decline their installation when you setup ViGlance Full Version pre-Activated.

System Requirements for ViGlance:

  • Homepage:
  • Author
  • Last version 1.0.1306

What’s new in ViGlance?

Added – Little red close button for both textmode (classic style mode) and thumbnail mode (Windows 7 style)
Added – Truncating text when it doesn't fit on in the dedicated window space
Fixed – various focus bugs and abnormalities (non Windows 7) behavoir
Fixed – Ugly options Window
Fixed – MSN Window refresh problems
Fixed – All activation problems
Fixed – Icons not appearing issue for some machines at startup
Added – Hyprid Jumplist support
Added – Shift+Left click opens new instance
Added – Drag shortcut support
Added – New options.ini support
Added – New option parameters (User can control timer intervals)
Added – OneStep Security Mechanism (Attempts to prevent unauthorised distripution of the program file)
Added – Rainoffire's customized Windows 7 RTM Skin
Fixed – Unresponsive processes cause ViGlance to hang
Fixed – 64bit Processes are now pinnable
Fixed – 64bit Processes can now be stacked

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