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During our testing we have noticed that Typing Speed Test 1.6.0 full version with keygen download displays the speed results very quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. It remains light on the system resources, so it doesn’t hamper system performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality. All things considered, Typing Speed Test 1.6.0 full version patch provides a simple but efficient solution for testing your typing skills. Thanks to its ease of use and intuitive layout, this tool may become ideal for less experienced users.

Typing Speed Test full setup

As soon as you start the typing process, the program automatically displays the speed, accuracy percentage and time needed to complete the test. The words that are entered incorrectly are colored with red, while the right matches are displayed with blue. What’s more, the application offers support for sound notifications when you type words correctly or wrongly. Typing Speed Test 1.6.0 reg keys allows users to adjust the volume for the sound notifications and background music, and switch to a full screen mode for a better focus on the test. On the downside, you cannot pick a testing level (easy, normal or difficult) and upload an audio file to be used as background music.

It just provides you with short stories and a timer to know how long it takes you to type a story. However, I think it's a good tool to practice. By the way, the stories you will type are entertaining and nice. When you finish task, you will be given a rank according to your typing skills. You can share it with friends and see who types the fastest. Briefly, this game is a good one to test your typing skills and it has the advantage of being completely free. Typing Speed Test For Pc Free Download is a game that will help you improve your typing skills


  • It just gives you a text to write but doesn’t teach you how to position your fingers on the keyboard or tips to type faster
  • It comes with nice stories to type
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It’s easy to use
Typing Speed Test Free Crack

Download Typing Speed Test 1.6.0 Full Version Activator – A simple-to-use and intuitive application that is able to test your typing skills by displaying the speed, accuracy percentage and time needed to complete the test Typing Speed Test Full Version Activation Key is a lightweight cross-platform utility with a pretty self-explanatory name, as it gives you the possibility to find out how fast you can type. The user interface is really simplistic and packs only a few configuration settings. You can start testing your typing abilities by writing down as fast as you can the text that appears in the primary panel.

System Requirements for Typing Speed Test:

  • Adobe Air
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.novelgames.com
  • Author Novel Games Limited
  • Last version 1.6.0

8 Comments on “Typing Speed Test 1.6.0 full version crack”

  1. I enjoy the stories because they make it more interesting and motivational. You should already know your finger positionings on the keyboard prior to the Speed Test, which helps you to improve your typing speed.

  2. can not fix most of the files. simply counter goes on rolling and after that you are back where you were. it also very unstable and very confusing interface .

  3. Fails repeatedly, GUI gets more screwed up with each version. Support:During the free 30 days they take over a week to respond and even then its clear they haven’t read what you sent or made any attempt to understand the problem

  4. Surpisingly addictive – I’ve played this game more (since I bought it a year ago) than all of my other games combined.

  5. This is realy good programm. At beginning that might think that this is realy strange (When u have old computer[without cleaning long time]). Afther scan your computer is many times faster than it was before. (If u do that normaly)

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