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TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 codes is a software which comes packed with several useful tools for cleaning, maintaining and tweaking your operating system. The user interface of the program is plain and simple. You can access options found in the “Quick Optimizer”, “Troubleshooting”, “Windows Secret”, “Windows Cleaner”, “System Information” and “Restore Backup” tabs. So, you can clean invalid registry entries, traces from web browsers (supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others) and tracks from Windows and third-party applications. But you can also compact the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox database files, delete Windows temporary files, as well as optimize system (e.g. speed up menu display) and Internet/network settings. In addition, you can check for updates when it comes to your graphics card driver, rebuild the icon cache, reset Internet/network settings to default, as well as input text that will be displayed in the Internet Explorer title bar. Furthermore, you can disable the autoplay, Aero Shake, Aero Snap and Windows built-in CD burning features, modify the delay time for Aero Peek and specify reserved bandwidth for QoS applications. Plus, you can manage applications which automatically run at system startup, uninstall programs, view system information, restore backups made by TweakNow WinSecret Full Version Free Crack (e.g. by “Registry Cleaner”), and more. TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 Full Crack is a tool to optimize your copy of Windows. Download TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 Activation Code for free and improve the performance of your operating system TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 Full Version license Key will scan and fix system errors

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Reveal hidden secrets of your operating system Download TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 registered – Reveal hidden secrets of your operating system TweakNow WinSecret free download is an application with which you will be able to optimize and customize how Windows works by applying secure modifications to the Registry file. This tool will allow you to adapt system functions to your own needs. Some of these functions can’t be modified without a specific program, because they are hidden. TweakNow WinSecret For Pc Free Download makes these functions visible, so that you can change them to your own liking.

While testing the software, it seemed to do what it promises; although the results of any optimization are difficult to check. However, when I tried to use the function called Special Folders, it responded with an error message and none of the functions on the tab would work until I switched to another tab. In general, TweakNow WinSecret full version with keygen download free seems to be just another optimizer, without anything interesting to offer, except for some unusual system tweaks. However, it is sold for an extremely fair price and the trial version conditions seem reasonable as well. The program takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and has an incomplete help file. We haven't come across any problems during our tests and highly recommend TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 Activation Key to all users who want to configure Windows according to their preferences.


  • It is easy to use
  • It was unable to recover from an unexpected error
  • It scans fast
  • It offers access to unusual system options
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  The application is divided in four parts: System Information, Windows Cleaner, Windows Secret and Restore Backup. Maybe, the section that makes TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7 precracked so special are the Windows secrets. Thanks to this tool you can modify a vast amount of different elements, like changing the Internet Explorer title bar, apply restrictions to that web browser to avoid dangers, hide or deactivate function from the Control Panel, or hide the icons that are present on the desktop.

System Requirements for TweakNow WinSecret:

What’s new in TweakNow WinSecret?

Quick Optimizer: added support for Microsoft Office 2013.
General: remove year from the application title.
General: minor improvements and bug fixes.
Windows Secret -> Windows Logon: disable Lock Screen (Windows 8 only).
Windows Secret -> Applications: turn off the uppercase menu in Visual Studio 2012.
General: improved support for Windows 8.
Windows Secret: added option to login directly to classic desktop (Windows 8 only).
Windows Secret: Hide items from the right-hand "New" Context Menu.
Windows Secret: fixed "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error.

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  1. It’s difficult to download, many kind to choise, but I need it and I like it, so I still want to have it

  2. I can’t use it to download stuff off the internet as it can’t find the external window handler

  3. Does not work and freezers up all the time. I purchased the full version and it does not do what they say it can do!!! i still have to download the album cover from Google and copy and paste each number of each album manually!!!!!!!!

  4. None really. It takes a while, but then what else can you expect with a large hard drive.

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