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This version supports iPad and iTunes 10 and above. In addition users will find other options such as playlist transferring, and most importantly TuneJack 6.8 license Key is capable of restoring iTunes library and matching the songs from the connected device to the files that are already present in the computer, avoiding duplications. A great advantage is that it allows to connect more than one apple device meaning users can get songs from a friend’s iPod or any other Apple device. Download TuneJack reg keys – Recover songs off iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices with this intuitive application that allows you to copy entire playlists and integrates with iTunes Recover songs off iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices with this intuitive application that allows you to copy entire playlists and integrates with iTunes An utility to recover songs off your iPod, iPad, iPod touch and/or iPhone

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TuneJack Full Version Activator is a Mac & Windows utility that enables users to copy all the contents from iPods, iPhones, and iPads to any computer. The difference vs. iRepo is that iRepo specializes in music & video only and has advanced recovery options. TuneJack Full Version Registration key works with multiple devices, meaning users can retrieve music from any different Apple devices, other than their own. With a single window interface there is no complexity: after connecting the Apple device users only have to follow the wizard’s instructions, choose from among the options and forget about the rest.

  • .NET Framework 3.5 or later
  • iTunes
  • Internet connection
  • Any iPod, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices
iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices are very common today, as they allow users to take their music with them wherever they go. Although one can easily synchronize content with the computer via iTunes, there are times when one wants to be sure iPod contents are not altered in any way. In such cases, users can employ TuneJack 6.8 pin, as it allows unidirectional transfers from any Apple mobile device to either the computer or iTunes. The program is compatible with all iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices and one of its great features is the ability to temporarily switch off iTunes’ bi-directional content synchronization feature. This essentially means that connected devices are at no risk of being ‘contaminated’ with data from iTunes. Thus, information is only exchanged in one direction, i.e. from Apple devices to the PC or iTunes. The program features a highly intuitive GUI built on a nine-step sequential recovery process. Simple tips are available at each step of the process, although new users should encounter no problems in transferring songs. Once a valid device is connected, users can select the target host drive, as well as choose whether to transfer any information to iTunes. It should be noted that, if users opt only for the local transfer, the application will not be able to retain the songs’ play counts, user ratings or the last played date; similarly, playlists will not be able to be restored. After these choices are made, the process starts with a simple mouse click on the “Begin Copying Songs” button. The layout of the program is efficiency-geared and should pose no problems, however, if any are encountered, a step-by-step manual can be employed to clear out any issues.

System requirements


  • No custom settings
  • Matches songs
  • Recovers songs off your iPod/iPhones/iPad
  • Restores iTunes library
  • Playlist transferring,
TuneJack full version patch

System Requirements for TuneJack:

I purchased Tunejack. It transferred my songs to the new computer with no problems. Now when I purchased songs on iTunes it will not sync the new songs on the iPod. I did turn back on the sync feature per your instructions. I am running Windows 7.

According to the way the software operates, the purchased music should automatically sync to the iPod. However, as we all know that iTunes can cause problems, it’s possible for iTunes to miss the sync feature since the devices has been configured to work with another application (eg. TuneJack). I recommend a complete wipe (purchases will be safe!). Wipe the iPod then repeat the procedure with TuneJack and attempt to download the purchased music to the iPod while it’s connected to PC.

What’s new in TuneJack?

Updated to fix possible error when accessing track list on iPod touch, iPhones and iPads.
Updated to fix possible issue that could cause a copied song to repeat a few seconds of a random part of the song at the end of the song.
Updated to work with iTunes 12.1.
Updated the song transfer function to fix a possible problem when setting some track meta data (track title, album name, artist name, user rating, etc) after adding a track to iTunes. We found that in rare cases this track meta data wasn't getting properly set. This release resolves the issue.

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    – Non-Stop backup failing on my work PC (have a running support ticket, they
    need to revise their software…)
    – Non-Stop backup service crashing on my Media PC. Cannot recover from crash in any means.
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  3. Started with update to XI. Pdf files printed earlier in the week to HP Officejet Pro 8600 print very slowly, text is gibberish. Must change something in windows print software, because now just opening the print dialog box maxes out the memory (2GB – XP maximum). Even printing a 1-page word doc is taking almost 2 minutes. If I click on “Print” in a 1-pg pdf file and wait 5 minutes before executing the print command, I can get it to print -in about 5 minutes. Longer pdf files still print text as nonsense even if I wait after opening the print dialog box. Files from other programs are taking taking forever to print, but on the company’s laser printer everything is printing normally.

  4. Sometimes crashes, runs very slowly, the campain mission can be hard to understand and confusing.

  5. None. This program is great. And when it gets to be less than great after an update, Auslogics fixes it fast. I love it.

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