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TouchFreeze 1.1 keys solves this issue and comes in handy to all laptop users, as long as they don’t perform actions which require the simultaneous use of the keyboard and the touchpad (if this is the case, you can close the application with a single click). You simply have to make sure that TouchFreeze free full download runs in the system tray and carry on with your work, without worrying about unintended touchpad taps.

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TouchFreeze 1.1 license Key is a lightweight, yet useful application especially designed for laptop or notebook users, which can automatically disable the touchpad while you are typing, in order to avoid accidental cursor movements, random clicks or typos. The touchpad can be deactivated the long way by accessing the ‘Mouse Properties’ section in Control Panel, but TouchFreeze 1.1 free download makes it all much more simple. Furthermore, you don’t have to lose time re-activating the touchpad each time you need it again, since this application does this as soon as you stop typing. Once installed, TouchFreeze 1.1 setup places an icon in the system tray. For your convenience, you can set it to load at system start up using the context menu.

The installation procedure is very simple, you only have to execute the downloaded file, accept to run the program in the security warning window, and accept to install the program on the selected folder or browse to select another one on the wizard setup. After installing the program, there will appear its icon in the system tray, by right-clicking on the icon you can load/unload TouchFreeze Full Version Free Download at system startup and exit the program. The program only requires 100kb of free space on the disk and 3Mb of RAM. The operating systems supported are: Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP.


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TouchFreeze full version with keygen download free

Designed with simplicity in mind, the application does not require any configuration. When running in the system tray, it detects when you start typing and disables the laptop touchpad momentarily. This way, you prevent the execution of any unwanted action while typing and your hand accidentally grazes the touchpad. When sliding the touchpad surface by mistake, having the cursor change its position within a document, clicking on an option or selecting another window while you type might be rather frustrating, since you can end up writing complete nonsense in your texts or emails. Furthermore, this can happen very often, due to the position of the touchpad for the majority of laptops.

System Requirements for TouchFreeze:

Where is the download button for TouchFreeze?

The download button is located on the application’s page at Software Informer. It’s the big green button on the upper left side of the page. Click that button and wait a few seconds. If there is a direct download URL, the script will automatically access it providing you directly with the download package.
If you cannot download through Software Informer, you can use the direct download URL available:

Download it on the official website. The link is given by the other answerer.

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  1. I appreciate the this tool. I have been trying to find something to fix this problem for years. I am confused why the programmers of Microsoft did not do this. It is annoying to have the mouse move every time you–especially long term papers for school. At first I thought it was me and try everything to prevent the mouse movement but nothing work. I am grateful to be able to text my papers for school and not worry about the mouse putting letters in the wrong place.

  2. Judy Mason, I found your Touch Free at the bottom of my favorites. It is not in my programs at all. So am going to try to download it again. The manager is here that is all. My pages & fonts are still going wild from huge to tiny. Have had your program before & all worked great.

  3. Why does this company have a website that only has a place to donate? They are not excepting my credit card. It says it’s free, but after a few months I had to download it again.

  4. My curser just jumped and I had to come back and fix it. What I also get is that the screen jumps. Suddenly the area I am using isn’t there anymore so I have a two pronged problem.

  5. You have to restart everyday for this to work, after you log off/hibernate this will not work

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