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If you have just paid a small fortune for a brand new iPhone which you have then jailbroken, it can be a rather crushing experience if the phone doesn’t run as well as it should or if there are a number of problems with the firmware. You can’t return a jailbroken phone to the manufacturer, nor can you take it back to the store, but your money isn’t lost just yet as the tinyumbrella Activation Key, a unique and simple program, can save you from losing a small fortune. tinyumbrella Full Version license Key can return your jailbroken iPhone to a previous update, reversing any damaging that the jailbroke did and allowing you to restore to a previous firmware update, or even back to default.

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The application relies on Java Runtime Environment to function, so it's a good idea to check whether or not it's on your PC, even though it's already in the deployment package. One of the programs that can achieve this is tinyumbrella 9.3.4 Full Version pre-Activated. This is a great first hand solution to a jailbroken device that you wish to restore to a previous firmware version. The algorithm it’s based upon is quite complicated and requires a great deal of tech knowledge to fully understand. In a nutshell, tinyumbrella Full Version Free Crack automatically retrieves the current firmware (SHSH blobs), then saves it locally and sends it to Cydia, which preserves it for later use.

Be sure you know what you're doing

Using a TSS server, the restore operation is facilitated at once. If, for some reason, the server is down, you can use iTunes to perform the downgrade.

tinyumbrella 9.3.4 full version patch saves the "SHSH blobs" of your Apple device (i.e. iPhone, iPod, or iPad), allowing you to bypass Apple's servers and downgrade your firmware through iTunes, whenever you want. Your device does NOT have to be jailbroken for tinyumbrella Full Version Registered to work. It allows you to downgrade your iDevice so you can do the jailbreak. iOS firmware (to be downgraded to) can be downloaded from here. http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/


  • Offers a great response time to user commands
  • Easy to use without tech knowledge
  • Can also restore phone’s default settings
  • Doesn’t have theme options
  • Reverses damage done by jailbreaks
  • Some recent changes may be lost
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  • It can’t help to exit recovery mode.
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tinyumbrella Full Version Registration key


Brings you peace of mind: tinyumbrella with serial keys effectively eliminates the risks associated with jailbreaking an iOS device by saving your firmware and sending it to a remote server from where it can always be restored. Accessible: Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you should be able to use this app without any problems. The clean and straightforward interface makes everything easy. iTunes can be used for restores: If for some reason the remote server is down, the iOS downgrade can be facilitated through iTunes.

System Requirements for tinyumbrella:

  • Java
  • install4j
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: blog.firmwareumbrella.com
  • Author semaphore
  • Last version 9.3.4

What’s new in tinyumbrella?

I’ve updated TinyUmbrella to fix a pretty nasty bug that caused apple to block my app. This should be sorted and SHSH’s can be saved once again.
The fix in involves 64 bit windows running 32 bit TU. It caused a nasty crash.
This version fetches the current SHSH from the device. This means that if you are running 8.1.2, it doesn’t matter if Apple is no longer signing 8.1.2, TinyUmbrella will fetch the SHSH from the device. There are a couple of conditions.
You must be jailbroken
You must have AFC2 installed (Search Apple File Conduit “2” in Cydia)
You must have an A7 or A8 device. This will not work for anything lower.
A7 Devices include: iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 (retina), iPad Mini 3,

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  1. A minor quibble, doesn’t seem to remember my preferences when loading up the program again.

  2. none… well, maybe the UI could be a little in line with the current times, but it’s not essential.

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  4. Too many “sponsored” products included in the download package. After declining each of these useless products, the download stalls. Instructed to “Connect to the Internet and click OK”, after which 3% of the product installs before I get another pop-up instructing “Connect to the Internet and click OK”. This continues until the download stalls at 7%. Time is too valuable to continue playing this game.

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