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More than one drive? No problem, TFC will allow you to clean any or all of your drives. The cleaning engine scans all accessible user accounts, deleting temporary Internet files, cookies, browser history, recent files list, Windows temp folders, Windows update uninstall files, empties the Recycle Bin, and more. You can customize your desired cleaning through the selectable options within the application. The process is not aborted by locked files, and can reset permissions if necessary. For convenience, the application is distributed as a Windows installer, and can be easily uninstalled at any time from Add/Remove program.

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Cleans your PC: Temp File Cleaner 4.5 serial keys can safely clean temporary files from all or some of your hard drives, caches, temporary file folders, and other locations. Color schemes: You can toggle between many different layout themes, with names like Pectoral fin Peach, Gangrene Green, and Clockwork Orange. The schemes aren’t as garish as the names suggest.


Confusing layout: Temp File Cleaner serial keys‘s user layout is overly designed and more than a little confusing. For example, the tab for cleaners to be executed is marked by a bomb icon, and separate buttons for selectable entries and auto-hiding controls don’t help the experience.

The temporary folders of your operating system are usually a rubbish dump for useless files. Temp File Cleaner Full Crack is a tool in charge of cleaning these temporary folders, therefore, you’ll be able to keep these folders spotless.


Configure the cleaning of components

You can customize the selection of the elements that will be deleted and which won’t, as well as the drives on which it will act. Furthermore, its simple and at the same time appealing interface will simplify things for the user when it comes to working with Tempo File Cleaner. Download Temp File Cleaner 4.5 patch for free, a very recommendable tool to keep your PC clean.


  • None
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable
  • Very affordable
  • Fast
  • great pogram!
Temp File Cleaner Full Version keygen

The interface is actually so simple and intuitive that even complete beginners can use this application without any problem. The interface is also customizable as it supports various skins. Last but not least, some handy logs are also available at anytime, showing you what files have been deleted during each cleanup operation. Cutting long story short, Temp File Cleaner 4.5 free full download is a really nice tool that offers a quick, easy, and reliable method of deleting unneeded temporary files from your system in order to gain back precious disk space.

System Requirements for Temp File Cleaner:

What’s new in Temp File Cleaner?

Windows 10 support!
Added toggle for recycle bin shortcut
Improved logging
Improved version tagging
Improved error responses during authentication. You will now see a detailed error message when authentication fails
Write license ID to registry upon successful activation
Ability to generate exe with bundled license for MSP users
Fixed a bug causing the /appdatapath cmd line arg to fail in some cases
Fixed the in app purchase link
Added support for MSP licenses
Added a command line argument for specifying the settings file
Now signing the application assembly with a strong name key file
Added ability to specify directory and file name for logs
Added ability to override config file path with registry key

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  1. For me, Advanced System Optimizer is the best cleaning and optimization tool. I cleaned lots of junk files and unneeded files from my system as it’s getting slower and slower. Its Smart PC Care feature is very helpful, it just took couple of mins to scan my PC and remove junk files from it.

  2. As stated in the Pros – looks great, but getting it registered seems next to impossible. Numerous e-mails to the FocusSoft website support have gone unanswered over several days. I finally sent a message to their Merchant account handler and hope maybe they can inform the maker of this issue. Or if this company still collecting for a product they no longer support I would hope that the Online Merchant provider gets to the bottom of this and cancels their account.

  3. It crashes every so many minutes, it crashes when you try to convert over 12 files at the same time and sometimes audio files get damaged (last 30 seconds are gone). Don’t buy this as long as the demo doesn’t work perfectly

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