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Desktop clock and system monitoring tool showing you various statistics User-friendly program that helps you get information about the CPU, memory, hard disk, mail and other details, while offering support for a wide range of customization options SysMetrix keygen is a skinnable clock and metering application. Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics

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SysMetrix full version with keygen download offers a lot of shortcuts to different types of commands. These shortcuts are accessed either by double clicking on various parts of the graphical user interface or by right clicking on the icon from the system tray or the widget. This can be very useful, but it takes some time to get used to it and to learn where everything is. Most included themes look fancy, others are optimized for functionality.

Download SysMetrix 3.45 Registration key – User-friendly program that helps you get information about the CPU, memory, hard disk, mail and other details, while offering support for a wide range of customization options SysMetrix 3.45 Full Version license code is a skinnable clock and metering application. This versatile, skinable freeware clock doubly shines as a helpful system diagnostic tool. SysMetrix 3.45 license Key‘s configuration interface simply presents every option with samples and previews where appropriate. You can edit themes or import new ones with little difficulty. The included twelve themes cover many configurations of the clock and tools. The short but useful help file includes a list of dozens easily monitored system areas.


  • Nice look
  • Fully customizable
  • Many useful commands
  • Complex tool
  • Always on top not set as default
  • excellent skinnable interface, chose the one you like!!!
SysMetrix full version

SysMetrix Registration key is a powerful application that provides a large amount of information regarding your computer in a very appealing way directly on your desktop.

Wide range of customization options

The program impresses mostly thanks to the high number of customization options, allowing the user to configure not only its appearance, but also the information it shows.

Get info about CPU, hard disk and others

While in default mode it shows CPU, memory, hard disk, mail and Recycle Bin details, a simple right-click on the main window opens a whole new universe, providing you with access to forecast, as well as possibilities to adjust system date and time, volume settings or configure the email. Additionally, it also sports basic controls to logoff, restart, shutdown or force shutdown Windows.

System Requirements for SysMetrix:

What’s new in SysMetrix?

Added the Veristic Colors theme to the install and made it the default theme
Updated the CPU Usage algorigthm so that it works correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7
Updated the NIC descriptions to include FireWire and Wireless
Fixed the TCP/IP stats, which were completely broken in Vista & Windows 7
Fixed a problem where Memory in excess of 2GB was not being correctly reported and showed up as 0GB
Removed some partially-implemented features that were inadvertently included in 3.42
Fixed a problem parsing the Weather information
Added the ability to launch a new theme via a button to turn on/off media sections

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