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Swahili - English Dictionary Activation Key

Swahili – English Dictionary 1.0.9 Full Version Activator is a straightforward dictionary that helps users translate words from Swahili into English and vice versa. This tool comes in handy for translators or users who want to learn the Swahili language. The program provides a large database with translated words, phrases, and translation equivalents. Plus, you can enable the Microsoft Word plugin and view the Swahili translation for each word that you are typing. It sports a clean and straightforward layout that gives users the possibility to search for a new word in the list, switch between the English or Swahili mode, as well as copy the translated words to the Clipboard. Swahili – English Dictionary 1.0.9 license code allows users to zoom in or out, enable the full screen mode for a better focus on their work, and view the American and British English spellings. Other important features bundled in this tool are represented by the possibility to make the program automatically perform searches on the Internet for the select word, or look only for images by using your default web browser. It doesn’t comprise many configurable settings, and even less experienced users can master this tool with minimum effort. Plus, the utility leaves a minimal footprint on computer resources, so it doesn’t hamper system performance.

Swahili – English Dictionary Full Crack

An intuitive and easy-to-use dictionary that helps users translate words from Swahili into English and vice versa, while offering support for Microsoft Word plugin It helps you translate words and phrases among English and Swahili Download Swahili – English Dictionary 1.0.9 Full Version Registration Code – An intuitive and easy-to-use dictionary that helps users translate words from Swahili into English and vice versa, while offering support for Microsoft Word plugin To sum things up, Swahili – English Dictionary 1.0.9 registeration keys offers a simple yet powerful software solution for helping you translate words on the breeze. Its ease of use, support for Windows plugin, and fast searching algorithm make it an ideal tool for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Swahili – English Dictionary 1.0.9 registered is also packed with handy additional features and functions. For example, it comes with a handy “linked view” that automatically displays related entries on the other side of the dictionary. Handy usage examples are also included. It even has Microsoft Word Integration, which means it can show the translation of words right from MS Word, when the mouse cursor is hovered over them.


  • Fast and effective search function
  • None
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-world usage examples
  • Reasonable price
Swahili - English Dictionary keys

Swahili – English Dictionary Full Version Serial Key is a simple, neat, and handy application that does exactly what its name suggests: it offers a bi-directional Swahili to English and vice versa translation tool. This powerful application includes both Swahili and English dictionaries, therefore they may be used by both Swahili speakers who want to learn English and by English speakers eager to learn Swahili. The provided dictionaries are surprisingly comprehensive, including over 16000 word entries and phrases. Furthermore, a neat and handy search function is also included, and the best thing about it is the fact that the search results are provided extremely fast, almost instantly.

System Requirements for Swahili – English Dictionary:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Windows 2008, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage: africanlanguages.com
  • Author TshwaneDJe HLT
  • Last version 1.0.9

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