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Fast and convenient offline browser with easy navigation and simple interface For instance, you can select which formats of image and documents to download and set the file size limits, create URL filters, as well as enter a username and password if they are required to log onto the respective website. Once the project is downloaded, you can export it to a folder, CHM or MHT web archive. The program runs on a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, takes a reasonable amount of time to finish a task, and includes user documentation. We haven't experienced any issues during our evaluation; SurfOffline Professional 2.2 Free Download Activator did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Unfortunately, the app has not been updated for a while.

SurfOffline Professional Full Version Registration key

The downloaded site can be saved in various ways, the simplest one being to store the files in a folder. Besides, you can export sites in CHM and MHT formats, which allow saving the complete site as a single file. The downloaded site can be fully navigated without an active Internet connection as you can ask the program to convert all absolute hyperlinks into relative ones. In terms of configuring the program’s connection to the Internet, it supports both HTTP and FTP proxies, even when they require passwords. Moreover, it allows setting a given number of simultaneous connections to the server where the data is stored. This can help you control download speed, but you should not use very high numbers because you may cause server overload.

SurfOffline Professional 2.2 full version with keygen download free can download complete websites. There are various scenarios in which a tool of this kind may come in handy, like surfing offline and replicating a website to an FTP site or a mirror. To start a new project, you should provide some parameters and make some decisions. Fortunately, there is a wizard that makes this stage easier for you. Thus, you can tell the program to download all the elements in the website regardless of the server where they are located. On the contrary, you can restrict downloads to include only the files in the start path and subfolders. Likewise, you may specify a depth level starting from the initial page as well as types of files to exclude. However, I didn´t find any preset specifically configured to download sites created with content-management systems, a feature included in similar software.


  • It allows setting a depth level
  • It is very easy to use
  • Its interface looks old-fashioned
  • It doesn´t come with specific presets to download sites created with CMS
  • It allows saving a complete website as a single file
SurfOffline Professional Full Version Activator

All in all, SurfOffline Professional 2.2 Free Crack is a useful utility for professional and home users alike. It has the main advantages of being very easy to use and allowing you to control the download depth. Unfortunately, the program looks old-fashioned: a fresher interface would be appreciated. SurfOffline Professional reg keys can download complete websites Download SurfOffline Professional 2.2 patch – Fast and convenient offline browser with easy navigation and simple interface

System Requirements for SurfOffline Professional:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0+
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Bimesoft
  • Last version

What’s new in SurfOffline Professional?

Windows 10 support has been added.
Windows 8 and 8.1 support has been improved.
The TLS 1.1 support has been added.
Project settings "Delay between downloads" and "Random Delay" has been added.
The HTML parser algorithm has been improved.
Windows 7 support has been improved.
Advanced parser settings (for CSS, JavaScript and Flash files) have been added.
The speed of exporting large websites is considerably increased.
The problem with exporing some files with relative URLs has been fixed.
The export error "[EM#11][UR#10]" has been fixed.
The export error "Cannot open file" has been fixed.
The problem with updating downloaded files has been fixed.
The problem with occupied internal http server port has been fixed.
Windows Vista support has been added.

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31 Comments on “SurfOffline Professional Activation Code”

  1. It is safe, which makes it better. I care about safety very much and do not wanna to get into any trouble because of downloading music.

  2. Takes hours to remove the junk. When I was using it, surfing through all the program’s it has,a virus tryed to attack my computer!!! Be cautious!

  3. They don’t even know the difference between “minimum” and “maximum”??? People, check the help file. You’ll see so many obvious errors that you’ll think twice about using this software, considering the nature of what you’re trying to do with your partitions.

  4. You still need other programs like Ad-ware SE or Spybot-Search & Destroy. This program is for what the above cannot do……

  5. poor data base _ fake alert _ fake malware _ a lot of bugs _ a lot of false positive _ doesn’t remove real things _ doesn’t up date regularly _

  6. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 2000!! Nowhere was it ever said that it does. Even on ADOBE.COM it’s listed as XP ONLY! I spent the better of a day trying to get this download, only to find it didn’t work. Couldn’t be more unimpressed with Cnet.

  7. Terrible interface, finicky/buggy software, not intutitive in the sligtest. Have been using it unfortunately since the 2005 version. Useless.

  8. Biggest flaw is that output file is very large. I tried to convert from avi to mpg(1) and got file that was 5 times bigger than the original file. Also, in some combinations, I got a green stripe at the bottom of the screen. No MPEG-4 support. Sometimes crashes when minimized (when idle), and has some other minor stability issues. There are better applications that do the same job. Compared to the quality of many free applications, this product is bad.

  9. Why can’t I select S275 steel grade? It says “Rolled sections with steel grade lower than S355 lead in general to less economical design results” and don’t let me select steel grades lower than S355, but I need to change this to S275. Can you help me?

  10. Infested with bugs and spyware. Zero customer support. Purchasing this software led to problems with false credit card charges and years of headaches. The software has a built-in link to registering a domain name and purchasing web-hosting. After registering the website with the individual who wrote the software (Oleg. His info in the WHOIS database is false and leads to a cosmetics company in the midwest. He is located in Canada but his hosting service is based in Russia.), he was unwilling or unavailable to release my domain name so that I could take possesion of it and have it transfered to network solutions. Down and dirty, old fashioned scandal at it’s best in the modern age. I thought I was through with it two years ago when I finally got all charges removed and cancelled my account. Like magic a charge appeared on my account last month. If you absolutely MUST buy this software, do it with a money order or check. There are plenty of more effective, easier to use, non-scandalous alternatives.

  11. its really a good software which is organising the images in the computer… so no need to search them manually…

  12. Cars seem to fly about like feathers when hitting static objects like trees etc, and for me the game dosen’t run at 1280×960 screen resolution when i’ve got loads of tracks and cars on it!

  13. I don’t like that you have to right click and then click properties to get into properties, I’d like to just double click the icon to get into properties. Really that’s just a minor fault though.

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