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An application that enables you to design and calculate parameters for beams, columns or posts, using steel or timber structures SuperBeam 7.05 full for PC allows us to share files between a computer and mobile device with just a QR code and without needing to connect any cables whatsoever House design is not, by any means, an easy task undertake, regardless of your experience level or degree of expertise. The calculations and parameters you use in the design are responsible for the stability and safety of the final structure, especially if you are designing support beams and columns for houses or any other kind of building.

SuperBeam Full Version license Key

Therefore, to connect your PC to an Android smartphone (the iOS app is on its way), you need to install the program on your phone and on Windows, of course. For the latter, you also need to install Java. From there on, you can connect both devices by means of a QR code and you’ll be able to start transferring files between them. Forget about cables: just a QR code or a URL. These are its main features that are also extended to other platforms of the likes of Linux and Mac:

SuperBeam 7.05 Full Version license code is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi direct. Devices can be paired using QR codes (with the included QR code scanner) , NFC or manual sharing key (PRO). No more clicks and manual approvals for connections. SuperBeam portable makes file sharing as convenient and fast as it should have been, because it is 2014 already! Features: • Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct. • Pair devices using NFC or QR code scanning. • Sharing with devices that do not have SuperBeam portable through web interface. • Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos, zip files, APK's… You name it!). • Supports Android 2.3.3 and later. • Uses port 8080 for all types of transmissions, which means more compatibility on restricted WiFi networks. • Light and dark color themes. All received files are stored under "/sdcard/SuperBeam 7.05 full download" directory by default, this can be changed in settings (PRO). Don't worry about duplicate files, SuperBeam full version serial keys will automatically add unique numbers to duplicate file names. Features Send files from your computer to devices that have SuperBeam Full Version Activator easily and quickly, using QR code or sharing key. Easily receive from devices that has SuperBeam 7.05 Activator Free Download by scanning QR code (through webcam) or manually entering sharing key. Works with any type of SuperBeam 7.05 patch app (PC or Android) Share with devices that do not have SuperBeam 7.05 full version patch through web interface.


  • The cost is not very affordable for individual users
  • The program automatically performs complex calculations for architects and construction companies
  • The program is very specialized, and you need to have architectural knowledge to use it fully
  • It has a nice and colorful interface
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Although the program can be downloaded and used for free, there’s also a pro version that allows us to share files in a much tidier manner (keeping a hierarchy), without adverts and sharing with several devices at once. And as we said before, it’s available on several platforms apart from Windows: Mac, Linux, and Android in APK format.

  • Transfer files between your PC and mobile devices connecting them by means of QR codes or sharing a key.
  • Receive files by simply scanning the code with your phone’s camera.
  • Simple drag & drop system.
  • Share the URL with those devices that haven’t got the app installed.
Calculates steel, timber beams, and columns Download SuperBeam 7.05 Full Version license code – An application that enables you to design and calculate parameters for beams, columns or posts, using steel or timber structures SuperBeam 7.05 free download is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi…

System Requirements for SuperBeam:

What’s new in SuperBeam?

Import items from another project code has been revised. Previously the program could hang if you selected something other than a SuperBeam or ProSteel file and we had one report of this option hanging the program when running on a system with 4K display.
On occasions when starting SuperBeam the File New/Open menu options could be left disabled – code changed to prevent this.
Bug that causes occasional error messages on shutdown fixed.
Data entered into beam and column edit dialog load grids could be lost if data entry was followed by cursor up/down key – fixed.

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  1. I want to use before this software, but I want use again this sotware. Can i use this sotware.

  2. its only a demo not the whole game. but thats what it says. gotta get the full version

  3. – allows to to import MP3, but does not offer mp3 as an option in the dropdown lists.
    – does not have a timeline where you can just move the lyrics around
    – always shows two lines of lyrics even if you just want one
    – they MAKE you “like” them on facebook to get the unlock code. SLEEZY

  4. The only shortcoming I have found is that the interface is a bit complicated for my wife or other less computer-oriented folks to use. I wish they would install a way to trigger an on-demand backup (based on a predefinition) from the desktop.

  5. Kept locking my computer up. Tried 3 times to install/uninstall. Each time I ran the program, at about the 4 min point it just hung up and stopped doing anything. Worse it completely froze my computer. Had to do the manual power button shut down.

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