Subtitle Workshop 6.0.130814 Full Version key

Subtitle Workshop serial code

Different subtitle formats supported

But the most surprising feature is the amount of formats that it supports, that are currently 52. It doesn’t matter how weird the format of the subtitle you have to work with is, because Subtitle Workshop 6.0.130814 full will probably read it: Adobe Encore DVD (.txt), Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass), AQTitle (.aqt), Captions DAT (.dat); DKS Subtitle Format (.dks), Karaoke Lyrics LRC (.lrc), Phoenix Japanimation Society (.pjs) and many more. Ideal both for inexperienced as well as professional users, that have to work with subtitles, Subtitle Workshop Serial Key is the ultimate tool to edit subtitles, and it is completely free of charge.

Subtitle Workshop full version serial keys

Subtitle Workshop preactivated has a spell checking feature, but it only works for users who have Microsoft Word installed on their PC. The program also includes a translation option which comes in handy for those who are not native speakers of English. More than that, Subtitle Workshop 6.0 Full Version Registration key has all the functions needed to make subtitle editing a breeze. It supports configurable shortcuts, multi-language support, drag and drop, visual effects for subtitles and the option to mark text lines for later review. Another good thing is that the application is being delivered with a comprehensive help manual that provides basically all the info one needs to handle subtitles, so beginners should definitely have a look in there as well. As a conclusion, those looking for a smart app for subtitle editing jobs definitely need to take Subtitle Workshop activated into consideration. Movie subtitle editing and creation tool. Supports and converts between various subtitle formats. Features include video preview, a translator mode, several features to fix or optimize timing issues, errors in spelling or text format, etc. Create, edit, check, preview, and manage subtitles

Download Subtitle Workshop 6.0 Registration key – The ultimate subtitle editing tool that includes spell check and an advanced view / preview feature alongside other great features Generate subtitles to all kinds of media files. Work with the existing texts or write new ones from scratch, preview the results to check and adjust timing, process the content in a spellchecking module, etc. Save any changes made to the file and attach subtitles to videos.


  • Has also many bugs
  • Supports many subtitle formats
  • Functional if you handle it with care.
  • cant change time to frame on video preview what is crucial for me and i didnt look for more things..
  • Don’t use it.
Subtitle Workshop Full Version Registration key

Subtitle Workshop For Windows Download is a application designed for creating, editing and converting text-based subtitle files. It supports all the subtitle formats you need, it has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily access the menus and it includes a spell checking function and an advanced video preview feature. When watching movies on a computer, subtitles can either save or ruin the fun, depending on their accuracy and the synchronization with the video. To make sure they get to read the lines the second they are uttered by the characters, users can edit the subtitles themselves using Subtitle Workshop full .

System Requirements for Subtitle Workshop:

What’s new in Subtitle Workshop?

Added the Croation translation (thanks Abajo, see
Solved the Chinses character problem (thanks GardField, see
Adapted the helpfile.
Solved a problem with the "Rewind" and "Forward" buttons (2x the required time was stepped).
The "project" possibility can also be used in non translator mode now.
When opening a subtitle file the video position and the subtitle selection in the list are restored now (this was already the case with "projects").
Solved a problem with the 'Save as' screen and big font sizes.
Removed the "double button" error in the main form toolbar

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  1. this is still bita and dosent support many languges like arabic subtitles for example is not supported yet…

  2. I have had the “Yahoo Messenger on the lap top since shortly after I purchased it. Works GREAT. If any one is having a problem with a “Yahoo” product all you have to do is contact “Yahoo” and they will resolve the problem.

  3. I am disturbed you would recommend Uniblue. I had disastrous results, Microsoft Certified does not mean much anymore. MS was fined by the European Court with 6 BILLION $. Time Magazine called “Vista” the “Worst Computer Product of the Decade.”

  4. Install’s “Bing Bar” and two other Microsoft programs, without asking. Time consuming removing un-wanted software.

  5. Can’t actually restore data
    sets attributes on clones that render them useless
    Customer service is not worthy of a rating since it doesn’t exist

  6. It can have a slow start up. The Powerful scan option can make you delete important docs if you’re not careful. Just keep some common sense and this product will serve you well.

  7. I was listening to streaming video of a news event, and turned the sound off to make a business-related call. The sound suddenly came back on, and was probably audible to the person at the other end. I clicked on the sound icon to shut the sound off, and nothing happened.

    My previous experience with Flash includes grayed-out controls, including the “stop” button, and also the ability to identify unwanted sites for the purpose of banning them. (I am not a parent but I think the issue of parental controls should be an issue here.)

  8. Why is this on That’s like putting every single Windows Update as a “download” on It’s more like a driver update. All these people who don’t know any better (and many of them really should) see the little picy with the player controls and think this is a stand-alone application that opens and plays SWF files saved on a hard drive.

  9. Flashs up updates – again & again. It would help if it worked like email – namely only
    flagging up the new stuff, you have not previously noted.

  10. Compared to its 3.5~ predecessors, the current 5.~ version no long offers a choice of output dimensions, output destinations, etc. Overall, the freeware version has become considerably feature-poorer.

  11. No compression features. It actually made some file sizes LARGER after simple crop editing. It will let you save files as a different file type, but there is no batch conversion.

  12. Too many features, scary for anyone who might be “click-happy”. I agree with others saying that the spyware section of the program is totally useless. It killed my boyfriend’s wireless internet connection right after I uninstalled it!!! I bought it to diagnose a problem I am having with un-explained restarts anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after bootup. IT DID NOT DIAGNOSE ANYTHING – JUST MADE MY PC RUN WORSE!!! I plan on backing up my files and formatting my computer today … what a piece of junk … I wouldn’t GIVE this program FREE of charge, to my worst enemy … and I stupidly thought the reviews were good too and paid $40 for this … Some of you are right in saying that they ought to be sued! DO NOT BUY OR EVEN D/L THE TRIAL VERSION … IT’S A PIECE OF JUNK AND WILL CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM TO RUN EVEN WORSE THAN IT DID BEFORE!!!

  13. it automatically downloaded a “cleaner” software without my consent. I an very careful and did the custom download to avoid unwanted software and bookmarks and it still did it

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