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Be it as it may, Speak-A-Message Full Version license Key is an excellent free tool that anyone (or nearly anyone) can use to produce e-mails – plain or enhanced with your favorite illustrations – in the most straightforward way, i.e., using your own voice. You can share your messages to Facebook directly from the program or send them via e-mail using your favorite client. The Professional version of the program will also allow you – for a fee – to record over an existing message, add voice comments to your standard Word documents, take and add screenshots to your recordings, keep an audio diary, and export it as an EPUB3 e-book.

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It is also possible to upload JPG and PNG image files from your hard drive or take screenshots, rotate them, append a recording, create slideshows and save them to the hard drive as SAM files. By using this software tool, you can also send e-mails with your projects or upload them to your Facebook wall, a page you like or administer, or to the Speak-A-Message 10.3 full version with crack fan page. You can create diary entries, as well as append text, voice recordings and images, and access a speech-to-text function. A small drawback to this program is that you cannot choose the output folder. All the data you save is sent, by default, to “My Documents”.

Though not explicitly mentioned anywhere on the website or in the program itself, this utility is clearly a useful little tool for persons with a severe visual impairment and maybe also for those who are blind. I say ‘maybe’ because I haven’t tried the program’s accessibility regarding screen readers, and some functions – such as View & Record – have a clear visual component. However, the field in which Inventivio GmbH carry on their professional activities (i.e., Tactonom, a tactile graphics display for visually impaired persons) makes me believe that Speak-A-Message patch share the same or a similar target population. Another hint came from the program’s ‘Export as e-book’ option available in the Voice Diary, which uses EPUB3 – the de facto standard for accessible electronic publications – as output format.


  • Speech to text conversion in languages other than German and English produces mixed results
  • Helps persons with a visual impairment to write messages
  • Includings audio mixing and appending capabilities
  • Converts voice recordings into text automatically
  • Supports adding graphical elements to voice messages
  • Nothing special.
  • Great handy tool to add to other programs and ease of use is also a big plus.
  • Adding sound effect background is not too great. I get a popping, static sound but not a big deal because I don’t need to send music or sound effects anyway.
  • Low volume
Speak-A-Message full version setup

Speak-A-Message 10.3 full is a software application designed in order to help people record their voice, create transcriptions and diary entries. The interface is quite simple and intuitive, so as to allow even people with no experience in the IT department to use it, without encountering issues. Although it might look simple, the app is quite complex, putting at your disposal a large number of options and tools. For example, you can create greeting cards, by selecting one from the built-in list of templates, input your message, download it and add your voice. From the settings panel, you can tinker with the recording options (establish type of encoding, noise reduction, automatic gain control etc.), as well as the general ones (change language, set up file associations). You can also test the recording and playback. To sum up, Speak-A-Message 10.3 full version serial keys is a useful piece of software which does not put a strain on your PC, as it uses minimal CPU and memory.

System Requirements for Speak-A-Message:

  • Windows Media Player Version 9 or up
  • Speaker or headset
  • Microphone for recording
  • MS Office 2003-2010 for use of MS Office features
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage: esd.element5.com
  • Author Inventivio GmbH
  • Last version 10.3

What’s new in Speak-A-Message?

Improved: License activation
Enhanced: Various improvements and optimizations
New: Rewind by 10 seconds during recording simplifies record-over
Fixed: Problem with accuracy of timeline and of total recording time after record-over
Enhanced: Improved security using SHA256 for code signing
Fixed: Unable to delete audio file in foto viewer.
Fixed: Transcription of speech to text won't start when transcribe button clicked
Foto viewer (View&Record): Improved user interface
Improved encoder support

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  2. I am still trying to get all the viruses out of my machine.
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  4. The only thing it will open is gif images, since that is what I want to create, why would I want to open one that is already created. Don’t download! I deleted about 2 minuits after finding out what it does.

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