Soundplant 47.1.1 Registration key

Soundplant Registration key

You can set a 'Channel Priority' for each key, with 'Low', 'Norm' and 'High' being the available options. While the 'ESC' key has a silencing function, that stops all playing sounds, the 'Backspace' will silence all keys except those set as 'High Channel Priority'. Moreover, you have several options that can be used to adjust the pitch, offset, looping, panning, fading or volume, as well as the way in which a sound can be triggered. Each individual keyboard configuration can be saved and reused at a later time.

Soundplant patched

Soundplant 47.1 Full Version portable is not a synthesizer, plugin, editor, or sequencer, but it is way more than a media player. Soundplant full version was designed to do one thing and do it well: to trigger sounds from the computer keyboard with maximum speed, efficiency, and ease of use. Users love its rock-solid stability for live event use, its simple one sound per one key metaphor which eliminates the usage complications of many other software samplers, its versatility for handling sounds of all types from short effects to full length songs to hours-long mixes, and its ultra-optimized use of the computer keyboard with lowest-possible latency.

Soundplant 47.1 Full Version Free Download is a quite unique application that can be defined in multiple ways. Whether you call it a “digital audio performance program”, a computer keyboard sound triggering utility, or even an alternative to the nowadays-ubiquitous Launchpad-like hardware controllers, Soundplant full setup is clearly surprising. It is capable of turning your simple, average keyboard into a versatile, low latency, multitrack sample-triggering device, or in other words, into a playable musical instrument which can be used to create live, unique music in a rather easy manner. Anyway, Soundplant 47.1 activated can be also used for less creative purposes as well, like for quickly triggering specific sounds and audio effects during a presentation or a live show.


  • Sound output device selection
  • Very comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Supports any popular media file format
  • Could’ve been a bit more straightforward and intuitive for beginners
  • Includes recording function
  • The interface could use a few improvements, namely toggle vs triggering the keys as I would need this for my use. If you could hold shift and press a key to toggle it or enable repeat that would be ideal wherein the default setting would only enable the sample during keypress.
Soundplant serial code

Soundplant full setup is live performance audio software that turns your computer keyboard (yes, your QWERTY keyboard) into a versatile, low latency, multitrack sample trigger and playable musical instrument. It allows the assignment of sound files of any format and length onto virtually all keyboard keys, giving you hours of instantly-playing random access audio at your fingertips with no extra hardware needed. Use Soundplant 47.1 pre-Activated Free Download as a performance, presentation, or installation tool, as a drum pad, as an educational aid, to mix together tracks in realtime, trigger sound effects or background tracks during a show, create music or loops, sketch sound designs, make beats, and give new life to old sounds – all via an input device you’ve been practicing on for as long as you’ve been typing.

System Requirements for Soundplant:

  • Multicore processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • A sound card
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Marcel Blum
  • Last version 47.1.1

What’s new in Soundplant?

96 kHz output and 32-bit floating point internal mixing for highest possible sound quality; 256 channel polyphony for dense soundscapes and complex virtual instruments; audio output device selection; direct recording of Soundplant's output; realtime reverb, bnandpass, and other effects
improved memory management for loading large sound files. Eliminated crashes and out of memory messages (but please let me know if you’re still seeing any of these issues). For very large sounds (usually > 30 minutes in length), if system RAM is low then sounds are loaded in a special mode with some functionality disabled (realtime pitch shift and offsets), kind of like the “play from disk” mode in older versions of Soundplant, although in this case sounds are still being loaded to RAM but just in a non-contiguous manner.
added a “locate file…” button to the warning that appears when loading a keymap and the sound file can’t be found in its original location. Soundplant will also automatically look for other files it can’t find in the newly selected location. This is really convenient and I should have added it a while ago!

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  1. Awesome software that is fast and does what it says. They don’t change any other programs settings ,

  2. slows my computer down and at startup it says press f11 key for about 30 seconds ,it was that bad i have taken it off my computer
    and i will wait untill acronis have sorted it out properly before i install it again , i ended up re-installing windows from fresh again

  3. Numerous, but basically, it’s slow, it slows down your computer, gobbles an inordinate amount of memory, it can make your web browser so slow you will use Task Manager to crash Flash and/or your browser to keep it from becoming unresponsive for half an hour loading a Flash intensive site. It’s fun, like a fork in your eye is fun.

  4. Everything else. The downloader, the malware and bots that are packaged with this program. I am submitting an email to the maker of CPU-Z and tell that they should have users download the software directly from them and leave out the middle-man or CNet’s marekting/client based products to themselves or as stand-alones. Just totally inconsiderate and uacceptable.

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