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That's why Simple DNS Plus patch could come in so handy. The interface of the software app is very simple and therefore, user friendly. On the upper side of the main window, you can see the Menu Bar and button shortcuts for the most used actions, while in the rest of the screen, you are provided with a Performance Graph. All of these lead to a powerful mix that enables novice users to have their own DNS server up and running correctly in a matter of minutes.

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Create your own DNS or DHCP server

DNS servers translate domain names to IP addresses so as to make the network contents accessible. Thanks to this application you will be able to host your own domain name and, in any case, increase your browsing speed by using your local DNS server. It is also possible to configure it on the Internet so that you will be able to manage all the computers on the network with greater ease without having to deal with the always complicated IP addresses. If you were looking for an effective solution to configure your own DNS server or to simply increase the speed at which you access the Internet, Simple DNS Plus 8.0 registeration keys is an ideal solution.

Download Simple DNS Plus 8.0 with crack for free to be able to create your own DNS server. What’s more, with Simple DNS Plus 8.0 full setup you can increase your connection speed Simple DNS Plus 8.0 pre-Activated is a commercial DNS server product that runs under Microsoft Windows with an emphasis on a simple-to-use GUI. Maintenance of the software appears to have slackened in recent years. Simple DNS Plus 8.0 preactivated takes web surfing to the next level to offer the user enhanced web portability and readability in the areas of internet protocol so you can be the master of the web. Find out how IP addresses are converted into http names and more with Simple DNS Plus Free Crack.


  • Improves Internet access
  • Easy to set up
  • Not available for Linux
  • Poor customer support
Simple DNS Plus Full Version Serial Key

It has full support for internationalized domain names (IDNs). You can enter domain names with native characters directly (no punycode conversion needed), and have an option to display native character or punycoded domain names anywhere in the user interface, and quickly switch between these modes. You can create DNS records or entire zone files from other applications or web-sites and prompt Simple DNS Plus Full Version portable to dynamically load and use this through command line options, a simple HTTP API, and a full .NET/COM programming API. Simple DNS Plus 8.0 Full Version Activation Key is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and is 100% managed code, protecting it from common security issues such as buffer overruns, and making it run natively on both 32 bit and 64 bit CPUs and Windows versions, including Windows Vista.

System Requirements for Simple DNS Plus:

  • .NET Framework 2.0SP2
  • Processor (CPU): 400 MHz or better.
  • Memory (RAM): 64 MB + Windows and .NET Framework requirements.
  • Hard disk space: 10 MB + Windows and .NET Framework requirements.
  • Network: Any type of TCP/IP (IPv4 or IPv6) connection.
  • You need a static Internet IP address only if you want to use Simple DNS Plus for hosting domain names on the Internet. A dynamic IP address can be used for a resolving and caching Internet domain names.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author JH Software ApS
  • Last version 8.0

What’s new in Simple DNS Plus?

Fixed: Crash with "Unrecognized database version" error when trying to import zones from a backup Simple DNS Plus database file.
Fixed: Crash when using the function to import zones from a Simple DNS Plus database file – which is not such a file.
Fixed: Zone updates (HTTP API and other methods) caused threading issue / crash in certain situations.
Updated: New v. 5.2.31 of DynDNS Service plug-in included – which supports https://… (SSL) update URLs .
Updated: EDNS can now be disabled for outbound requests only. Option to enable/use EDNS has been moved from Options dialog / DNS / Miscellaneous section to Options dialog / DNS / Outbound DNS requests section.
There is no reason to disable EDNS for incoming requests. If such requests are not blocked by a non-compliant firewall, responses likely won't be either. Disabling EDNS for incoming requests caused DNSSEC signed zones to fail validation (confusing some users), and the implementation had issues related to DNS flag day.

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