SFV Checker 2.0.1 setup

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Simple design an intuitive interface

SFV Checker full download may save you minutes to hours on every transfer of multi-volume archives. Erroneous downloads are generally happening over unstable Internet connections such as 56K modems. It displays reports of SFV (Simple File Verification) files and check any given file for inconsistency. Its interface keeps it simple and takes a non-artistic approach. Users will be prompted to drag and drop their SFV files and start the checking process.

SFV Checker Full Version Activator

Ensure your multi-volume file archives are complete and accurate by having them thoroughly analyzed with the help of this practical application It ensures your multi-volume file archives are complete and accurate This application does a great job of comparing files to a listed checksum number to insure the files aren’t corrupt, but the interface test can be difficult to see. SFV Checker 2.0.1 Registration Code‘s spreadsheet-style interface presents the facts with a minimum of wasted space. Some testers wished for an option to enlarge the type size. The application performs flawlessly. Simple File Verification (SFV) files are added to many downloads to ensure you get what you expected. SFV Checker registered quickly compares the expected file checksums to your files. You get a warning if there is a problem.

Provides a large variety of useful info

We can also go on and access the File menu instead and load an entire folder or lists of files in order to be verified for CRC-32 errors. The association with SFV files can be made within the Options menu for cutting more time to analyze them. Another very helpful feature of the application refers to the renaming of the “.00x” files as well as the “.part.rar” files to “.rar”, “.r01”, “.r02” and so on. The Sorting selection menu will offer a list of options like Path, Bytes, Type, Status, Checksum or SFV Checksum.


  • free, but with unwanted extras
  • There isn’t one
  • 100% CPU Usage on a 2.25Ghz System with 1Gig of ram. Doesn’t work at all…never successfully checked one file. Utter Garbage.
  • Having trouble with a program not installing properly, this is your answer.
  • Easy to use and it works!
  • compromises browsers – IE, Firefox, Chrome
SFV Checker free

If an SFV file is not available, you can drag and drop the file into the list view to produce the calculated CRC value. An informative report log is generated after file scanning that provides a list of missing and inconsistent files, as well as, a summary for the archive. SFV Checker Registration key can also concatenate files in the list and rename multi archives on the fly, e.g. Correct file naming for .001, .002, .003 files into .rar, .r00, r01 files. 32bit and 64bit versions available. Free for private use, $10 for commercial use.

System Requirements for SFV Checker:

What’s new in SFV Checker?

Added command line for single files. e.g. SFVChecker.exe C:testa.pdf -cc:a.sfv -q
Fix for sfv.log file permissions issue.
fixed a dpi issue with hires screens. e.g. 4k monitors.
Enabled removal of splash for free license.
Fix for uninstall survey and chrome
Fix for filesize of file over 2gb
New interface look
Support for 64bit
Changed add single file to list so can add multiple by choice
Disabled ESC key so can't accidentally quit the program
Changed licensing to free for private and pay for commercial
added double quotes support in -f and -c on the command line
added WinAFV32 file type to supported list
added wildcard command line
added context menu in explorer shortcut
added Do not create log if all OK in startup setup
added XP styles
fixed a resizing bug
Fix for .sfv created file when reading back in
Added command line option for adding folder to list

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  1. Utilises an enormous amount of memory space; slow and sluggish. When integrated with MS Explorer, it requires repeated attempts to open a .pdf file

  2. This is a sponsored version of WYSIWYG Web Builder. The worse is this is a very old version. Of course there is no way to export as HTML. If you try, you just get rubbish. So unless you plan to publish with www_DOT_vodahost_DOT_com don’t donwload this software. Go have a look at the WYSIWYG.

  3. Thank you for this program. Free for 15 days. And fully works converting APE+CUE to MP3.

  4. They dont bother telling you this, at least on their website but with the trial version your output GIFs get a really nasty opaque watermark on them! And the full version is $35! Are you kidding me? No thanks Creabit.

  5. Wrecks mouse on XP Pro.
    Hangs and disables attaching pdf files in Outlook Express.
    Horrible toolbar now that is not easily configurable
    FIREFOX WILL NOT ALLOW EARLIER VERSIONS, and if you try to use them on the same machine, it will disable your activity.

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