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The user-defined private key is the element that connects the generated license key to your software through the Serial Key Maker keygen API. After specifying it, the application automatically generates the code lines needed for implemeting the license into your program (the key can be generated from your source code via a networked application or a web service). Another deploying method is to use the built-in key wrapper in order to generate an executable file that also manages the licensing process. Generating the actual keys is a matter of pressing a button. The authenticity of a license key can be verified with the help of the validation tool. All in all, Serial Key Maker 4.2 Free Crack provides users with a flexible and easy to implement system to add serial key protection to their .NET software. It can generate trial, demo or full license keys and help you manage the software licensing process easier.

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The program was created keeping in mind easing the developer task of protecting the software and the final user operation for unblocking the application. Generated Serial Keys can be easily exported into many different formats. With this application running, a user can set the features to disable, create an unlimited Serial Key or a limited in time operation. The program also validates the generated key based on a private key entered by the developer. It can also create time limited demo keys, create different keys for different program versions, make keys compatible with older versions, etc.

Download Serial Key Maker patched – Effortless protection for your .Net Software by creating demo or permanent license keys. Serial Key Maker 4.2 Full Version Full Crack is a program to incorporate Serial Key Protection to software. This application is very useful for programmers and developers when they want to protect their software with Serial Keys, allowing them to forget about all the inherent problems about program protection. This program offers the possibility of distributing the application without any features limitation, but inserting a Serial Key that blocks some utilities, making the application restricted awaiting the Serial Key, and making difficult the unauthorized copies. A commercial developed program works in 'demo mode' until the final user enters the validation key. The 'demo mode' can be disabled after a selectable number of days. When final user enters a validate serial key, all the blocked features are liberated, without the need of reinstalling the whole application.


  • Very powerful application for commercial software protection. Easy to use
  • None
Serial Key Maker keygen

Generate security key for applications Effortless protection for your .Net Software by creating demo or permanent license keys. As its name suggests, Serial Key Maker 4.2 Full Version Activation Code is a tool that you can use to create serial keys for your applications. Especially designed for .NET developers, it implements a licensing system that can protect your work from unauthorized use. Ease of use is one of the main advantages that the application brings you. The interface makes no difference and it features help tips that provide explanations for each section.

System Requirements for Serial Key Maker:

  • Net Framework 2.0 minimum
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Puresoto Group
  • Last version 4.2

I have password-protected Guardian and an authentication screen appears saying the password is missing.

You might need to check your configuration and rebuild the script again. Serial Key Maker allows you to create keys for your applications, but in case you forgot the application, simply delete the project, configure it again and then compile it or use the recovery methods available withing the application. This is the only way to reset the key in case you’ve forgot it.

What’s new in Serial Key Maker?

Added "MakeDemoKey" method to the API. Call the method to have the API create a demo kery for you.
Cleaned up some unused references in the API
Fixed bug when creating multiple keys in DEMO mode. You can now create up to 10 keys in DEMO mode.
More Features

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  1. – If you don’t pay attention, it’s easy to miss the menu bar. Just move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen. This isn’t really a con, but I’m pointing it out here and in the summary below so that no one else misses it (like the guy that gave this program one star because it had no menu).

  2. its a pain to try to install I have tried three times I had this before I repaired my computer now it wont work at all

  3. Missing some image editing features that the expensive programs have but it realy isn’t an image editor. It’s a drawing program.

  4. It takes up way too much memory – 1 instance of Adobe Reader can take up as much memory as, say, Opera with 50 tabs open. Compare that to, say, xpdf (only for Linux, sadly), which might take up 5MB on a bad day, but reads as well as Adobe.

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