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Time counter to control the usage of your PC

As well as establishing the maximum amount of time during which the computer can be used, Romaco Timeout 3.1 Activation Code also allows you to establish the timetable during which it won’t be possible to use the computer. To be able to deactivate this program whenever required, it’s only necessary to type in the master password that has been selected the first time the application is launched. Therefore, if you need a tool that will allow you to restrict the amount of time during which the computer can be used by each user, download and install Romaco Timeout 3.1.20 full version with crack .

Romaco Timeout preactivated

Another tool that can be extremely useful, especially if you worry about your children’s online activity is the website blocker. The same can be said about certain programs that are installed on the computer, such as video games. Furthermore, you can monitor the time spent browsing the Internet and disable the application once the cumulative time limit is reached. Other options include displaying a warning ahead of performing any action.

Either of these actions can trigger the computer to log off, shutdown, lock or hibernate. Also you can have another app run when the time is up. When you choose to enable a daily quota timer, you can select the amount of time available for each day of the week. If the computer is shut down, locked or the user logged off, the timer is paused. Once the user returns, the timer is resumed. Timers set under the “Session Time Limit” tab reset every time the computer is logged off, restarted or shut down. Also, if you choose to activate the “Allowed Time Window” task, users can only log on the computer between the set hours.


  • Easy install, simple to setup and customize, was able to load on the admin login and tweak for each user account in windows xp.
  • FreeNice user interfaceNice featuresWindows 7 compatible
Romaco Timeout Full Version key

Software that will help you to lock a child / user out of their account if they spend more than their allotted time on the computer. Both kids and adults sometimes need help to keep their computer use under control, and this can come in the form of limiting the amount of time spent on the computer or blocking specific Web sites or programs. Romaco Timeout 3.1 pre-Activated Free Download performs these tasks and more, providing a comprehensive tool for limiting time spent on the computer.

System Requirements for Romaco Timeout:

  • .NET Framework 4 of higher
  • Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author Romaco Canada, Mark Furneaux
  • Last version 3.1.20

What’s new in Romaco Timeout?

Change to new InstallShield installer system
Fix bug where Timeout does not auto-start at all
Fix bug where shutdown or logout action could be circumvented
Fix bug where Timeout does not auto-start on certain installations
Fix bug where the web browser block is not removed when quota is reset
Fix crash on resume from pause
Fix random crashes on certain systems
Make Daily Quota Module have different time limits for different weekdays
Correct install 'Error 1001' in certain system configurations
Fix problem with Access Window where midnight and noon are reversed
Slight memory usage improvement
Allow Access Window to span over midnight
Pause screen will cover multiple monitors
Timeout's survivability will be improved

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  2. ‘Successful’ clone didn’t work when I tried to boot from it. Creating a backup image also didn’t work. Acronis support, although polite and courteous is next to useless, taking over 3 days to reply with yet another solution that doesn’t work.

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