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How to use RogueKiller 14.4 Full Version key

After starting the program, we have to click on the Scan button to start analyzing our computer in search of rogueware and any other malicious element. The results of the analysis of all the system’s sectors can be seen in the tabs that appear in the lower part of the application: processes, registers, hosts, proxies, DNS, etc. Then we’ll have to wipe out all the threats found.

Main functions

If you have suffered the consequences of malware, you need this application that will prevent you from being infected.

RogueKiller preactivated

Scans processes, the registry, MBR, services, the Windows task scheduler, and other areas for suspicious activity to remove malware agents RogueKiller 14.4 full version patch is an anti-malware application that has been written in C++. The application is able to detect and then remove generic malware and also some advanced threats like rootkits and worms. RogueKiller full version setup can find malware by using a number of different techniques such as heuristics and signature finding.

Key Features Include: RogueKiller 14.4 cracked is available in the following languages: French, English, Czech, Portuguese and Polish.

  • Kill malicious processes.
  • Stop malicious services.
  • Unload malicious DLLs from processes.
  • Find/Kill malicious hidden processes.
  • Find and remove malicious autostart entries, including: Registry keys (RUN/RUNONCE) Tasks Scheduler (1.0/2.0) and Startup folders.
  • Find and remove registry hijacks, including: Shell/Load entries Extension association hijacks DLL hijacks.


  • Does not include real-time protection
  • Provides three types of scans
  • Uses predictive behavioral engines to detect threats
  • Produces detailed scan reports
  • Can protect your PC against malware programs
  • Darren Dheilly is dead wrong, is a liar and must be working for another software product. Check reviews on other software sites. I have used this in an enterprise environment and it found Zero Access malware – something that Malware Bytes, MS Security Essentials and Kaspersky didn’t uncover. There is NO installation needed, you run an executable file when you need it.
  • Does not run to catch malware before it installs on your computer. It only runs “manually”.
  • None. The scan speed is lightning fast, but not light speed?
  • Definitely recommended. Kudos to the developer.
  • Who really knows?
RogueKiller full version crack

RogueKiller 14.4 full version setup is a tiny anti-malware maintained by a small team, and thus new detections are based on “most spread threats“. Software react quickly to integrate Detection and Removal of what think can be a global threat and affect a big amount of users across the world. Here’s a little summary of what Rogue Killer is able to do: McAfee Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but a specialized tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with infected system. Details on new or enhanced signatures added with each Stinger build are listed in the Readme details.

System Requirements for RogueKiller:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Adlice Software
  • Last version 14.4

What’s new in RogueKiller?

Updated to core 4.3.3
Fix for crash upload (limitation by dump is present)
RKSvc 1.3.1
Updated to core 4.3.2:
Fixed pipe disconnect (retry logic)
Fixed pipe security
Fixed IPC cache
Added config auto-backup/restore
Fixed self-update task
Fixed crash reports upload
Updated to core 4.3.0
Fix for XP (libzip, openssl rebuilt)
Added scan warnings
Added filescanner warning on abnormally long folder scan
Added scan warnings JSON reporting
Size optimizations
Removed warnings
New advert payload
Added some logging
Minor fixes
Updated to core 4.2.0
Libraries update (libzip / sqlite)
New version manager (network failure proof)
Flush DNS cache on network domain resolve error
Fix for XP (libcurl rebuilt)
Fixed a possible crash in PE parser (VersionInfo)
[DocLock] Added suspicious digisig filtering => Mitigation against signed Ransomware

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  1. downloaded, installed, came up on the desktop the intro screen, and thats as far as it went..

  2. The burn cd feature is fast, but I haven’t found a way to change it. I prefer to burn at, say, 16X, in order to minimise dropouts when playing the cd in my car.

  3. the egyptian Azan is missing in the free version, sometimes it does not work, may be because stoping the programe in the previous azan time, I am not sure?

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