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In general, Revo Uninstaller 3.1.8 Free Crack does much more than simply uninstalling applications. When tested, it seemed to work as expected in various scenarios. It is a pity, though, that it does not allow uninstalling batches of applications in a single session. Application uninstaller tool for cleaning up failed/uninstalled or removing all traces of application files and registry keys. Monitors for changes made by installers and applications therefore and can undo these changes when uninstalling.

Revo Uninstaller full version patch

Choosing programs to uninstall is easy and fast, though, thanks to the program’s icon-oriented menu. There are plenty of options to tweak your uninstalls. You can choose from options that include a light uninstall or a deep cleaning that rips all traces of the program off of your hard drive. There’s even a really neat “hunting” mode that lets you uninstall programs or kill tasks without fully loading the program. Revo Uninstaller Full Version Serial Key seems to be a very interesting mix of registry-cleaning and uninstall programs. Luckily, it does both of those actions well enough to earn a passing grade. If you really like the program, you might want to upgrade to the pro version. It’s fairly priced and adds some essential features that aren’t available in the free version.

A fast and reliable uninstaller that helps you delete registry entries, use different uninstall methods, disable or enable startup items or clean your browser history Uninstall unneeded applications and remove leftovers Revo Uninstaller pin helps uninstall software from Windows systems and has a free and a pro version. Its main purpose is to remove unnecessary files and registry entries left behind by incomplete program uninstallation routines. Revo Uninstaller 3.1.8 Free Crack is a much faster and more powerful alternative to "Windows Add or Remove Programs" applet.


  • Keeping an online log may compromise your security
  • A unique feature, called Hunter Mode, which lets you uninstall an application, kill its related process and open its folder
  • Does not support batch uninstall
  • Use a forced uninstall
  • Trace a program’s installation
  • No problems
  • This is an excellent uninstaller and works some amazing wonders. I had downloaded a screensaver from Jelly Belly and it would not run because it couldn’t find the Flash file, even with a download and paste in of the file. I tried to get Windows to uninstall the program but it wouldn’t do it because it could not find the flash file even though it was there. I downloaded Revo and went right for that troublesome little screensaver and it completely removed it from my system, including all the registry files. I have used it exclusively since then.
Revo Uninstaller pre-Activated

Manage apps that run at startup and clean history

In addition to its basic purpose, Revo Uninstaller Full Version pre-Activated features extra tools that mostly serve for tweaking your system. The Autorun Manager allows you to manage the items that load at system boot, while the Tracks Cleaner is a safe way to clean the history from your browser or from your Office suite.

Easy-to-trigger actions

Hunter mode enables the whole application to minimize to taskbar, while a sign that resembles "target practice" appears. Drag and drop it to any open window, and you are provided with options to uninstall the respective program, stop auto start, kill or delete the process.

A reliable uninstaller

In conclusion, Revo Uninstaller 3.1.8 registered is what you need in order to get rid of leftovers that would take a great deal of time to clean manually. For advanced features, take a look at Revo Uninstaller full version with keygen download Pro.

System Requirements for Revo Uninstaller:

  • At least 7.1 MB of free disk space.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author VS Revo Group
  • Last version 3.1.8

I have a BSOD every three minutes in Revo Uninstaller. When I restart it, it sometimes says ‘Automation object not found’. How to fix this?

This error is caused by the operating system malfunctioning. Major parts of its structure are affected, and because of that Revo Uninstaller will have a hard time starting. The first thing to do is to reinstall the application, but in case if that doesn’t work as expected, I recommend to perform a Refresh (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 – option found in Windows + X> PC Settings > Update and Recovery) or completely reinstall the operating system.
Download the application again:

I have Gorilla Price on my computer, trying to get it off! A little complicated for me to uninstall. Sorry, any help would be appreciated.

If you have bought Revo, you should have received at this moment an email containing the download links and registration info. Download the application and install it and use the registration info to activate the software. Load it from the desktop and then wait for the list to populate with results (applications installed in your computer). Identify the application you want to remove and then right click it and select Uninstall. If you want an aggressive mode, select the last option and wait for the finish message.

What’s new in Revo Uninstaller?

Added – Uninstall confirmation dialog with info review and backup control
Improved – Scanning algorithms for leftovers
Fixed minor bugs
Updated language files
Fixed Minor bugs
Added Windows Apps module to uninstall Windows Apps
Improved listing of installed programs
Improved Scanning for leftovers
Improved – Junk Files Cleaner – Include list that lists the content of included folders as junk
Improved – Evidence Remover, Unrecoverable Delete and Junk Files Cleaner – Possibility to be minimized while working
Removed ad panel
Added: Full 64-bit support.

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  1. completely scans and deletes leftover files after program is uninstalled loads quicker provides access to variety of key areas has many inbuilt functions

  2. An uninstaller that can almost delete inaccessible, unwanted programs. It also delete left-over files in the C: and on the Registry.

  3. Anytime I need to delete, uninstall, recover, or defrag anything on my computer, Revo works like a charm!!!

  4. It has a set of cleaning tools like most programs but it’s uninstaller is very impressive

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