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Remote Desktop Control Activator Free Download is a program developed by Aquatra. This program can be used at any place wherever there are several computers, such as in net-cafes, companies or at home. You will be able to quickly access and manage the desktops of network computers remotely. The program consists of two parts: a server part, that is a small program that should be installed on the computer to be controlled, and a client program that is used to access the desktop of that computer's desktop.

Remote Desktop Control serial keys

Similar to TeamViewer and VNC, Remote Desktop Control license Key is a utility that enables you to control remote computers, as well as to give access. You can use it to stay in touch with your home workstation while you're at work, for instance. The package includes the host and admin modules dedicated to providing and gaining access, respectively. You can select any of these two components during installation, or both. Note that an online account at the developer's website must be created in order to use Remote Desktop Control full version patch. You are also required to set up a password for remote access. Both components have a simple and intuitive interface. In admin mode you can connect to a remote PC via direct IP connection, or by sending a request email to the other user's account.

The program is perfect for companies that want to offer technical support for their clients, or if you want to help your friends fixing their computers remotely. This program gives you the control over the desktop of a computer, for you to take necessary actions on the remote computer. One of the main features of this program is its security: it protects the server program itself through a password or a security code, and it encrypts all the packets transferred so that they cannot be intercepted or recorded. The program is multilingual. It supports English, French, Spanish, Dutch and some other languages. Many other options are included in the program that will let you enjoy it even more.


  • Password-protected connections
  • Encrypted sessions
  • The Trial version expires after 30 days
  • Client and server applications are included
Remote Desktop Control Full Version Activator

With Remote Desktop Control with keygen is very easy to control a remote computer to work with it, transfer files or carry out any task as if you had it in front of you. This kind of connection is very interesting when you use computers for specific tasks so that instead of changing from one computer to another to configure something or to check data, you will be able to connect remotely and do the work without having to get up from your chair. To control a PC remotely you can use Remote Desktop Control For Windows 10 Download. Use any computer remotely once you have downloaded Remote Desktop Control full version crack on your computer Contains host and admin modules for providing access to remote computers, and for gaining it, with support for file and Clipboard content transfers Remote Desktop Control Full Version Serial Key displays the screen of another computer

System Requirements for Remote Desktop Control:

  • Network card, modem or other communication device.
  • TCP/IP Network
  • Windows All
  • Author AQUATRA
  • Last version

What’s new in Remote Desktop Control?

Remote Assistance process is much easier now than ever before:
To support remote user just send him special link via e-mail.You can get this link by clicking “Add New PC” button in the Admin Module. When user clicks this link, his PC automatically appears in your Admin’s address book and you can access it remotely.That’s it! The user doesn’t need to do anything more. It is so easy now that it is hard to believe it is possible. One-click remote assistance is real now! Just try it with the new version.
Total compatibility with Windows 7:
Hundreds of work hours were required to develop and test Remote Desktop Control product totally compatible with all editions of Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions). Updating operation system our users will not worry about compatibility.
Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” on the Windows 7 remote PC:
Working under Windows 7 – compatible version we also developed ability to send Ctlr+Alt+Del keystroke to Windows 7 remote PC. Now you can easily log into remote Windows 7 PC when it requests to press Alt+Ctrl+Del for login.

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  1. Not intuitive, windows + right or left key no longer works with new releases, browser toolbars are not friendly with resizing your window where they get jumbled or disappear (maximize usually disappears when you make window smaller)

  2. Hi at the moment I am trying to download the free version of Ad-Aware but wouldn’t you know it .In order to get the free program the site keeps directing me to try(buy)some of their other software in order to get the free program.So I am about to leave the site and ad-aware.I will find another program…Free????

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