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Registry Life 5.15 free will be the program in charge of optimizing, cleaning and increasing the lifespan of our operating system’s registry file whenever we launch it. It is well known that the Windows Registry was a good idea that developers don’t know how to use. The vast majority of programs don’t clean their files properly when they uninstall, or they simply don’t take into account some entries that are created in the registry due to them. And this has a direct effect on the performance of any computer.

Registry Life portable

Registry Life 5.15 Full Version license code is a tool to repair errors in the Windows Registry. Download Registry Life 5.15 full version setup today and improve how your computer’s operating system works Download Registry Life 5.15 Free Crack – A registry cleaning and optimization tool that enables you to thoroughly scan the computer, find and repair errors that might affect its functioning Windows users tend to neglect one of the most important system maintenance tasks – keeping our Windows registry clean from broken entries and unnecessary leftovers. Registry Life Full Version key not only makes this task easy to perform – it checks your registry thoroughly and fixes all errors found in a snap without charging you for it.

Repair errors in the Windows registry

Thanks to Registry Life 5.15 reg keys we will be able to clean any problem generated in the registry by means of a powerful cleaning scanner that manages extreme efficiency. It searches for corrupt DLLs, invalid entries, erroneous or old registers. Any surplus or erroneous information in the registry will be detected and eliminated. Furthermore, once it has cleaned all the problems, Registry Life 5.15 Activation Code will defrag the Windows Registry file to increase its performance and reduce its size. Thus, each time we use this application we will notice a substantial improvement in our work. A registry cleaning and optimization tool that enables you to thoroughly scan the computer, find and repair errors that might affect its functioning Clean, repair, optimize, defragment, and compress Windows registry


  • Cleans up your PC from junk files
  • Offers a classic cleanup tool to fix errors
  • Defragments your hard drives if needed
  • Does not seem to create restore points before modifying the registry
  • Removes all useless entries from your Registry
Registry Life Full Version Free Download

Registry Life 5.15 serial keys helps correct errors in the registry and optimizes it, increasing the working speed… Registry Life activated is a utility designed to improve system performance by fixing errors, defragmenting, and compressing the registry. Unlike similar freeware tools, Registry Life 5.15 full version crack offers registry cleanup and optimization in a single tool. The registry cleanup tool scans the registry for a wide variety of problems and fixes them all at once. For example, it will remove invalid entries from the Windows startup registry and browser context menu; check file type associations, common dynamic-link libraries, and registered applications; and examine other parts of the registry.

System Requirements for Registry Life:

What’s new in Registry Life?

Code optimization.
The priority level which delayed programs are launched with has been changed from THREAD_PRIORITY_BELOW_NORMAL to THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL that is better suites for interactive (instead of background) programs.
Fixed bug in the Startup Applications tool: When excluding the item from the optimization recommendation the exclusion does not happen if the item is not displaying in the list.
The new compiler is used.
The progress is displayed directly on the Taskbar during the long operations.
A new setting "Skip the User Account Control warning" added. When enabled, you will be able to launch Registry Life using the Desktop shortcut without the User Account Control warning.
The program has been moved to the 64-bit architecture (the previous program versions were 32-bit, but 64-bit Windows was fully supported). This gives the speed up of up to 20% on specific operations, such as working with the system registry (in case your Windows is 64-bit too).

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  1. i feel that if it says its free it should be free totally not with stipulations that to use the software you will have to give an arm and a leg to correct whats wrong

  2. Why is this program 16.4MB? When I had it installed it used up 60MB on my PC! What for!?!? I’ve never bothered to try to work out what use it’s special functions are for the average PC user… all I know is that for opening PDF’s, you should download a PDF Reader, not Adobe Reader. It is well known that with each new release of Adobe it gets fatter, slower, and persistantly bugs you to download more and more updates. Updates for what? Why? I use Foxit Reader. It is a 1MB download! You don’t even have to install it. Foxit will open any PDF documents and allow you to view it very easily, with a nice clean interface, in a matter of seconds. Adobe can take minutes to load on slow machines, is full of bloat, uses way too much RAM, and is a massive download for what should be a small & simple program. It’s a shame that PDF format has become Adobe format. Most people aren’t aware that there are alternatives. I’d strongly recommend you uninstall this & get FoxIt Reader. MUCH better.

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