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RadioMaximus serials

  • Listen and record several radio broadcasts at the same time.
  • Record audio in multiple formats: RAW, MP3, AAC, WMA and OGG.
  • Automate the recording following a timetable.
  • Includes support for
  • Access the information of each broadcast by searching on Google.
  • Place bookmarks on the songs and listen to them later.
  • Show the logo of each radio station in your favorites…

RadioMaximus full version

With the boom of the Internet it seems that radio can regain the omnipresence that it had back in the old days. Nowadays, using programs like RadioMaximus 2.21 full version setup , accessing the broadcasts of thousands of radios from all over the planet is very simple. You no longer need a transistor radio, radio broadcasts via streaming are the future. RadioMaximus 2.21 premium is a radio tuner that tunes into stations from all over the world that will also allow you to record the signal. Access general radio broadcasts as well as local radios and, if you can’t find what you are interested in, add it manually to the list.


Receive and record radio stations on the Internet.

RadioMaximus 2.21 Full Version pre-Activated is a radio application that allows you to search and play radio stations from all over the world. An important thing to mention is that while installing the application you have the option to choose between “Normal” and “Portable” editions which, in my opinion, is a must-have option. Now, about the application characteristics. I find the interface to be enjoyable to use because it’s simple, very intuitive with the well-organized layout and a nice color scheme. You can search and browse stations, change themes, customize toolbars, keep tracks of history, bookmark songs or record a session, create a schedule for automatic recording and see the lyrics and cover art for each song.


  • Some radio genres are wrongly defined
  • Well-organised layout
  • Has a ‘View Lyrics’ option
  • Has a vast number of radio stations
RadioMaximus Full Version Free Download

Additional features of RadioMaximus 2.21.3 Full Version keygen let you view connection log details, create favorite lists, record stream and schedule recordings (to RAW, MP3, AAC, WMA or OGG), clean up recordings, import and export XML Database files, as well as schedule a timer for stopping the playback, exiting or for power management functions (shutdown, sleep, hibernate). RadioMaximus registeration keys supports volume normalization and toolbar customization, along with multiple themes and languages for the GUI. It is backed by a help file and consumes a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory. We have not across any issues throughout our testing, since the program did not hang, crash or display error notifications. To sum it up, RadioMaximus 2.21.3 registration keys includes some rich feature to please the entire audience. There is also a separate, portable edition of the tool, RadioMaximus 2.21.3 Full Version license Key Portable.

System Requirements for RadioMaximus:

What are the restrictions on the trial version?

The only restriction that I have found is that the stations are limited to a couple of settings of playback after which it switches to another station and so on. After you buy the full version of the software, you will have the possibility to listen and record for as long as you want.
Use the following link to obtain additional information:

What’s new in RadioMaximus?

Fixed: Minor bugs
Added: Ability to change menu font
Added: Now change between grid and list view without restarting
Added: Improved dark theme
Added: Improved external player
Added: Volume buttons to taskbar thumbnail
Added: Thumbnail view for bookmarked tracks
Added: Stop button in side view playing list
Added: Station shortcuts
Added: Sessions to favorites context menu
Added: Shortcut number for top stations
Fixed: Major bugs
Added: Connect retry delay
Added: Option to specify a http header user agent to connect to a station

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  1. Slower, less features, and dumb down interface. I made a comparison file made from the 3.5.8 version with the 5.0.3 with the exact same settings. The out put file from the 5.0.3 changed the aspect ratio and there was a lot of tearing and pixelation. The 5.0.3 took over 6 hours whereas the 3.5.8 only about 4 hours. Then there is the U.I. which has been retooled so not visible all setting can be seen at once having to toggle between audio and video.

  2. Version 3.3.9 installs AVG toolbar and changes your search engine to AVG – EVEN WHEN YOU TELL IT NOT TO!

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