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In the my QAP essentials menu, choose the switch menu to switch to any other running explorer or application window. Use the reopen a folder menu to reopen one of the folders already open in an explorer window (very useful in file dialog boxes). Choose the recent folders menu to show an updated list of the windows recent folders. Access the files or URLs in your clipboard with the clipboard menu. Click the drives menu to see the list of drives with current disk space.

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Gives quick access to files, folders, and programs Quick Access Popup 10.3 full version with crack provides you with a comfortable method of quickly accessing frequently used folders in your computer, without having to browse for their location in Windows Explorer. Practically, it allows you to create your own, personalized menu that contains shortcuts to favorite and special folders. Its main purpose is to help you improve your workflow and become more productive by saving the time needed for navigating to a certain location in your computer.

In the options dialog box, choose your preferred language, menu icons size, windows colors. Select the number of recent folders to display, add numeric keyboard shortcuts to the folders menu or shortcut reminders. Pin the popup menu at a fix position or remember the settings window position. All this for free in very intuitive app. Quick Access Popup Full Version Serial Key is available on Windows 7 and more recent. Works with Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, Total Commander and 15 other file managers.

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To launch the popup menu, click the QAP icon in the notification zone, hit the middle mouse button or press windows + W (these triggers can be changed in options). In the settings window, customize your QAP menu. Review shortcuts assigned to favorites or submenus in the hotkeys window. To quickly add a new favorite folder to your popup menu: 1) go to a frequently used folder, 2) click the QAP hotkey and choose add this folder, 3) give the folder a short name and save it.

System Requirements for Quick Access Popup:

What’s new in Quick Access Popup?

Fix bug introduced in v10.4.1
COPY and MOVE SUBMENUS and groups
IMPROVED SEARCH tool with more actions on found items and optional advanced view
Improved navigation in submenus, groups and search results
Other various improvements, including new Russian language
More info: https://www.quickaccesspopup.com/what_s_new-in-v10_4/
Copy and move submenus and groups:
allow to copy a single submenu or group and its contents (moving was already possible)
allow to copy or move multiple submenus or groups and all their contents (using shift+click or ctrl+click to select multiple items)
when copying or moving favorites, add [!] to their name when an existing favorite has the same name (instead of aborting the copy/move)
improved "Search" tool in the "Customize" window
add three buttons on the left side of the Search result:
"Sort" button to sort by any search result column

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