Puran Defrag 7.7.1 portable

Puran Defrag For Windows 10 Download

Puran Defrag full version is a fully automatic disk defrag utility. Simply install, do the initial automatic defrag setup and forget defragmentation forever. Its features include directories consolidation for speed boost, optimization by freeing space, automatic defragmentation for worry free defrag, boot time defragmentation for system files like MFT, low priority defrag for work while defrag experience, individual file or folder Defrag for selective defrag, GUI and Console Command Line Defrag Supported, restart or shutdown After Boot Time Defragmentation, file or folder Exclusion or exclusion by wildcard facility.

Puran Defrag portable

You can set the app to perform additional tasks

The defragmentation operation may be initialized manually or automatically; Puran Defrag 7.7.1 full version crack provides users with the possibility of selecting a scheduled power management function after the task is done (e.g. restart, shutdown), as well as of performing a full disk check-up (in order to test disk integrity). Additional operations of the tool allow you to fill gaps to avoid frequent fragmentation, optimize directories for speedier system access, create an exclusion list of files to be defragmented, as well as enable PIOZR (Puran Intelligent Optimizer) to speed up the system.

Includes a rugged, but clean and straightforward UI

The interface of the application is clean and pretty intuitive, so you can get started by selecting a local volume to submit it for analysis. Once the scanning procedure is complete, you can view a summary report, such as total files, directories, excluded or deleted items, deleted bytes and fragmented files, as well as the first ten fragmented files. The tool also provides a visual report on the status of your hard drive via the cluster map. Therefore, you should get a better idea about what you are dealing with.


  • Fast access to temp files
  • Directory optimization
  • Gap filling to avoid frequent defragmentation
  • Various ways to start a defragmentation
  • Defrag scheduling
  • Does the job as advertised – simple and completely functional
  • I have been using Perfect Disk up to the latest version. In my opinion this is better. Far less system resources and very fast.
Puran Defrag registration keys

Regular defragmentation keeps your disks tidy and avoids the big, disruptive defrag jobs later on. The defragmentation utility in Windows does a pretty good job, so why would you need an aftermarket defrag tool like Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Full Crack Free Edition? Well, Puran is easier to program to run automatically, even in the background. Puran also defragments your PC’s boot sectors for faster start-up, and its Intelligent Optimizer boosts your system’s speed, according to the developers. It can also defragment selected files or folders only and make exclusions by file and folder or wild card. There’s even a command line option for advanced users.

System Requirements for Puran Defrag:

Whilst the defragmentation process is started the screen says that I can press Esc at any time. Does this stop the defragmentation process? Must I wait until it finishes before I can use my computer, or will it continue to run in the background if I press Esc?

If you press the ESC button the application will close and the defragmentation process stop. However, you can use your computer while the application is doing the job, but you must minimize it and not to close it. To do that, just click on the minimize button on the upper right corner. By doing this, the application will go to the task bar and you can use your computer without interfering with it.

What’s new in Puran Defrag?

Minor changes
Puran Defrag is now free for commercial use too.
Added recommended schedules.
Disk Check is now divided into two parts, normal disk check and full disk check.
GUI now resizable and Disk Check now locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
Now idle factor is selectable for idle time defrag
Major update with added fast PIOZR, powerful delete files option and shutdown support.
Minor update with added exclusion by file size option and Windows 7 compatibility.
Major update with added Idle Time Defrag, Screensaver Defrag and Multiple Schedules Support

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  1. It currently doesn’t support a few DNN concepts: Logo and Login/Logout | Username links (instead of a form). But these can be added in fairly easily by hand. Vertical menus are in beta and need some improvements.

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