Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 Full Version Activation Key

Prokon Full Version Activation Code

Prokon 32-Bit full version with keygen download free can carry out nearly half a million different unique conversions and it can work in a huge number of measurement units, from foreign currencies, to ancient and archaic measurement systems, right up to the modern systems used in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Prokon full version with crack, which was developed by Show Me Software, is a one-stop-shop for all your conversion needs. It comes with a very simple interface and is incredibly quick and easy to use. 

Prokon full

In order to accurately convert various values you need help. Since using Google to search exact conversion units can sometimes take longer time than you’re willing to assign to such a task, you can use an app like Prokon 32-Bit Full Version Activation Code. The software comes with a simple interface; a regular window with over 30 categories to choose from, such as acceleration, angle, area, density, elements, energy, geometry, heat, length, mass, temperature, time and velocity. You can even view items from the periodic table. Each element comes with a description and other important information, such as the atomic number and weight, number of oxidation states, density, as well as melting and boiling points.

Prokon 32-Bit Full Version Registered is an amazing conversion and reference utility. It has an enormous amount of scientific information, accumulating to a total of 33 main categories for conversions, and 66 categories for data. It even has the periodic table of elements with relevant and useful information on each element. ProKalc calculator, from the same developer, is also included in the Prokon Full Version Full Crack package. The program's memory and CPU usage is really low and efficient, making this a highly portable tool to carry on pen drives and mini discs.


  • Somewhat unattractive appearance
  • Several elements of the user interface (e.g. colors) are somewhat hard to read
  • Useful and easy to use
  • Some customization features
  • Simple interface
Prokon For Windows 10 Download

The software allows some customization. This can be done from the “Preferences” screen, where you can have the app display hints, thousand separator, speed buttons, adjust the number of decimals, or have all windows maximized. All in all, Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 full download is a useful program that can help you convert between a wide range of units. The app is simple to use and, overall, a highly efficient tool. Download Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 license code – Using this straightforward application you can easily convert multiple measurement units and you can also perform various calculations Using this straightforward application you can easily convert multiple measurement units and you can also perform various calculations

System Requirements for Prokon:

  • Homepage:
  • Author ShowMe Software
  • Last version 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000

What’s new in Prokon?

Added 2012 CPI Data for Australia.
Added 2012 CPI Data for the United States.
Corrected error in World Time module.
Corrected error in Graph dialog.
Added 2013 CPI Data for Australia.
Added 2013 CPI Data for the United States.
Corrected error in Permeability module.
Added 2011 CPI data for Australia.
Added 2011 CPI data for the United States.
Updated Exchange Rates Utility for several currencies.
Increased decimal places in Permeability module.
Updated Help.
Corrected error in Morse Code module for entry of single 'dah'.
Added units to Mass module.

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  1. A wizard could have guided you through setting up some of the advanced tweaks and explained them a bit. The ‘antihacking’ gizmo should have been activated by default even if it has some drawback of some kind.

  2. The TBYB version is so limited you HAVE to get the full version to see any valid results.

  3. TrueCrypt (also free) integrates nicely with windows, and quite frankly is the best encryption freebie I have found. It also offers a hidden volume within your encrypted file for anyone who REALLY wants to secure their data.

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