PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 precracked

A Remote version for Android and iPhone

In turn, it comes along with interesting accessories such as the version for smartphones known as PowerDVD Full Version portable Remote. It’s an application that can be downloaded for free, and that’s available for iPhone and Android, in APK format. It allows us to control the remote playback of files on this multimedia player, making it even more complete that what we originally may have thought.

What’s new in the latest version

PowerDVD Activation Key

Download PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 cracked – Play DVD movies and locally stored videos and keep your movie collection organized with the help of this visually appealing and intuitive piece of software Playing videos and other multimedia files in high definition is the main task of PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 serial code, a great program designed to run on Windows PC and TV sets PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 full download 6 is a DVD player for your computer. If you are tired of using Windows Media Player and other standard players, then give PowerDVD 20 Registration Code 6 a try. Includes the capability to playback DVD, supports high definition audio, and allows users to create bookmarks. Additional features include DVD enhancement packs that can be downloaded. Includes CyberLink Eagle Vision for automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast for playback.

Main features

The program has gradually incorporated compatibility and support for all sorts of formats, focusing on high-quality video. And also the capacity to use GPU hardware video acceleration or the ability to convert videos to HD and 3D by means of TruTheater technology. But, furthermore, it comes along with two modes of use, one conceived for Windows PCs and desktops, and another one designed for TV sets. In any case, these are its main features:

Two ways of watching multimedia resources: TV and PC

The program offers us two ways of playing and managing videos, depending on where we want to watch them, whether on our TV or computer.


  • Excellent video quality
  • Lacks some advanced video features
  • Integrates with social media tools

Features and Highlights Seamless Playback – NEW! Continue watching from the exact point where you left off, in any room, seamlessly on any device. Watch On-The-Go Take your Movies and TV Shows anywhere with the CyberLink cloud. No internet? No problem! You can even download to your mobile device to resume watching offline. View Movie and TV Media Info Access detailed information about movies and TV shows with PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 free’s new, extensive content database. Organize Your Movies and TV Shows Easily search and view your favorite videos, photos or music. Browse media by year of release, or by genre – it’s under your control. TrueTheater for Video Videos enhanced with brighter, richer colors, deeper blacks, and unbeatable dynamic range. TrueTheater for Audio Crisper, more balanced sound, and the highest digital audio quality for every movie. Surround & Lossless Sound Professional digital audio, now with added DTS-X pass through for multichannel, lossless sound. Unparalleled Video & Audio Quality Bring your favorite Ultra HD movies and high-quality videos to life with PowerDVD 20 Build 1519 with serial keys’s exclusive cinematic TrueTheater video and audio enhancements, including extended GPU support for HDR 10. All Your Entertainment Across Devices & Screens Watch your favorite videos on PC using the all-in-one media player with the industry’s widest support of file formats as well as Ultra HD Blu-ray and 8K video. Note: 30 days trial version. Limited functionality.

System Requirements for PowerDVD:

  • Ultra HD Blu-ray: Intel 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Core i processors and above that support the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology.
  • VR Mode: Intel i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 equivalent.
  • Blu-ray Disc playback: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66GHz), AMD Phenom 9450 (2.10GHz).
  • Blu-ray 3D playback: Intel Core i5, AMD Phenom II X4.
  • TrueTheater HD and TrueTheater 3D for Blu-ray and HD video: Intel Core i5 (with 4 Cores), AMD Phenom II X6.
  • DVD playback: Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz), Athlon 64 2800+ (1.8 GHz), AMD Fusion E-series & C-series.
  • 4K Ultra HD with Hardware Acceleration:Intel 3rd generation Core i5.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray: Intel 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Core i processors integrated with Intel HD Graphics 630, Intel Iris Graphics 640.
  • VR Mode: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent.
  • HDR 10 Video Playback:To view High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects from HDR10 Videos, Intel 7th Generation (Kaby Lake) Core i Processors integrated with Intel HD Graphics 630 or Intel Iris Graphics 640.
  • H.264/AVC: 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge).
  • H.265/HEVC (8bits): 5th Generation Intel Core i5 (Skylake) or Nvidia GTX 960.
  • H.265/HEVC (10bits): 7th Generation Intel Core i5 (Kaby Lake) or Nvidia GTX 1060.
  • Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and TrueTheater HD/3D Playback: Intel HD Graphics, ATI Radeon HD 5000, NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT.
  • Blu-ray 3D playback: Intel HD Graphic (Intel Core i5), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series and GeForce GT 240/320/330/340, AMD Radeon HD 6000 and 6000M series with UVD 3 support.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray:Ultra HD Blu-ray A mainboard is required which supports the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology. The Intel SGX feature needs to be enabled in the BIOS* settings and allocated with 128 MB or above memory space.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray/VR Mode: 4 GB (6 GB recommended).
  • Blu-ray Disc playback: 2 GB required for Windows 10, 8.1/8/7.
  • DVD and TrueTheater 3D playback: 1 GB required for Windows 10, 8.1/8/7
  • Blu-ray 3D with or without Hardware Acceleration: 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB for product installation.
  • Display device with HDMI 2.0a/DisplayPort 1.3 connection interface, and must support HDCP 2.2.
  • Screen resolution: Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160).
  • For Blu-ray titles with AACS and DVD titles with CPRM playback, PowerDVD only allows output to display devices using DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connector in order to be compliant with copy protection (HDCP).
  • For other DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback: HDCP compliant display for digital output. TV or computer monitor for analog output.
  • TrueTheater 3D playback: 3D display and 3D glasses required.
  • Blu-ray 3D with or without Hardware Acceleration: 3D display and 3D glasses are required (NVIDIA 3D Vision, 3D Ready HDTV, HDMI 1.4-enabled TV, Micro-polarizer LCD or Anaglyph Red/Cyan Glasses). HDCP compliant display for digital output.
  • Video output: VR Mode: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2.
  • VR Mode: 1x USB 2.0.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray playback: optical disc drives that are certified for Ultra HD Blu-ray playback.
  • Blu-ray Disc playback: BD-ROM/BD-RE or Super Multi Blu combo disc drive.
  • DVD and TrueTheater 3D playback: DVD-ROM, DVD+-R/RW, DVD-RAM or DVD Super Multi combo disc drive.
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, Windows 10 64
  • Homepage: secure.avangate.com
  • Author CyberLink
  • Last version 20 Build 1519

What’s new in PowerDVD?

Resolves the issue that CyberLink Cloud synchronization does not work on media files with a filename that contain specific characters.
Enhances the Blu-ray movie playback compatibility on Windows 10 platforms.
Minor bug fixes.
Enhances the playback compatibility of Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.
No longer supports the Dolby virtual surround sound features. For more details, please refer to the FAQ.
Resolves the program UI becomes overexposed when toggling full screen mode during Ultra HD Blu-ray playback.
Resolves the program crashes when changing TrueTheater enhancement options.
Resolves the issue that users cannot start DVD disc folder playback by launching .IFO files in Windows Explorer.

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  1. says 30 day free trial but they are using the bait and switch tactic. It starts off given the overall scan assement that your computer needs a deep clean–As the Brits say RUBBISH–it cleans basic garbage. It tells you to buy the full product cuz there is a small amt of some real damaging files left.

  2. We have True Image 11 Home for our Vista destop (not the ICH9R chipset) & have had nothing but trouble. We cannot view nor can we retrieve backed up files because the required password will not work. (Note: Their documentation says very little about this password.) A message to Acronis tech support produced nothing but a form e-mail response (“your call is very important to us…”) + a directive not to send our message more than one time. The e-mail suggested getting the latest update and searching their web forum for answers needed. It turned out that others had the same question, but we did learn from the forum (NOT the documentation) that the required password is the administrator password for your home computer. So, we set the password, & to no one’s surprise, it WILL NOT WORK. So, on to endless uninstalls/reinstalls/updates, etc., and the password still will not allow us to access our True Image backup. They said our experience is probably just a fluke, but they positively will not refund our money. I think Acronis put too much of their resources into media hype & not enough into their product and documentation. Anybody out there want to buy a like-new copy of True Image 11 Home Edition? Cheap–and guaranteed not to work.

  3. I’ve experience severals times unsuccessful download with the Adobe Download Manager. I thought it was only my PC but heck! almost every PC I touch having the same problem. I got 3 PC at home and 7 PC at workplace. All having the same problem downloading it. What is Adobe’s been doing with their Download Manager? Implanting a Spyware? Stick with an old version 6.

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