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Postbox 7.0.10 full version with crack and keygen is also obsessed with tabs, so that each new mail can open traditionally or in a tab of its own. Searches get their own tabs, too. Postbox 7.0.10 serial code will ask you to import e-mail, contacts, and other messaging data from Thunderbird, Outlook, Google, and Yahoo when it starts. Two other innovations are worth highlighting: you can globally extract attachments, links, images, or contacts into a single tab, and there’s a remix of Thunderbird’s Labels feature. Called Topics, it automatically searches across folders for messages with the same tag. This can’t be done without extra effort in Thunderbird.

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  • Searches based on several criteria. Catalog anything that appears in your mail: addresses, links, attachments, images,… Thus you will be able to find everything that you are looking for a quick and simple way.
  • Web integration. It allows you to export contents to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed) or blogs, and even allows you to carry out web searches without having to open the browser.
  • Organize your messages by topic and quick email tagging.
  • Possibility to save your messages, or edit them if necessary.
  • Creation of to-do lists.
  • Security services that update every 30 minutes. Protection against trojans, spyware, malware and anti-phishing.

A final assessment

In our tests, the program had little impact on the computer’s performance even though it uses a significant part of the system memory. Overall, Postbox 7.0 For Windows 10 Download is a useful email management tool which integrates multiple Gmail features and can be further improved by adding extensions. However, if you are not an exclusive Gmail user you are sure to find other solutions.


  • It supports integrating various email accounts
  • It allows using pre-made responses
  • It has a very complete HTML editor
  • It cannot index attachment contents
  • It provides several ways to organize your messages, including tags, teams and the focus pane
  • It supports cloud storage services
  • Some visual elements are not noticeable enough
  • It is frustratingly slow at retrieving mail. And it is not intuitive at all, especially when attaching photos, which cannot be resized within the app, meaning that if you’re trying to send a couple of very large jpeg files, chances are good that your client will refuse it because of the size.
  • -When in French language mode, some options are still in English-Could be a little more intuitive (I usually don’t have to consult “help” sections as much as I have with this product.)
  • I tried out the software in actual use conditions (i.e., with a lot of email).In real use, Postbox disappoints:(1) This is a real memory hog when used with large mailboxes (RAM allocation grows to 250+ megabytes)(2) The search feature is slow in large mailboxes.(3) The search feature does not remember the last option used (unlike Thunderbird). I mostly search subject or sender. Postbox does not remember this as default.(4) And finally, the most important. When used with Microsoft Exchange server in pop mode for offline use with a laptop, Postbox downloads every mail exactly twice. This has to do with Message ID being changed with first download.When you contact their support to fix this, they are at first helpful, but when they discover that they cannot fix the problem, they simply fade away and no longer respond to your queries.There are also many other problems, including inability to set defaults for message delete actions (go to the next message below instead of above, as most people read their emails from top down).In all, I tried and was disappointed. Would not recommend to others. Software is potentially great, but a new entrant really cannot afford to treat users as arrogantly as this.In addition, the memory problem is real when it should not be.Like any software using MS Outlook style file format, this too creates excessively large mailbox files and does not offer the option to automatically detach attachments from messages and store them in a separate folder.
  • Organise mails by thread.Some useful features for search when a message is open.
Postbox serials

Despite the similarities, Postbox 7.0.10 Registration Code has some extra features that make it excel among other utilities. One of the most powerful is Focus Pane, intended to filter out messages based on a set of criteria. This allows you to concentrate just on that selected group of messages. Another handy feature is tagging. In a Gmail-like fashion, this lets you mark your messages so that they can be broken into smaller groups.

System Requirements for Postbox:

  • Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • At least 200 MB of available space on your hard drive (large email accounts will require more space for messages and indexing)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Postbox, Inc.
  • Last version 7.0.10

What’s new in Postbox?

Added Periodic Filter option that allows filters to run on all Inbox messages every 10 minutes
Enhanced the The Focus Pane's Attrubutes contextual menu so that it will now stay open during selection
Removed white backgrounds from some Custom Signatures
Refreshed the Postbox application icon on macOS to better adhere to Catalina visual standards
Fixed a glitch that caused LDAP directory names to not display properly when selected
Fixed a crashing bug
Fixed several crashing bugs
Support for macOS Catalina's "Auto" appearance setting
The Favorites Bar now supports first-level sub-folders
Fixed an issue on Windows that caused April and November months to duplicate in the search bar date picker
Fixed a theme issue on Windows that prevented subject lines in Edit mode from displaying clearly
For Windows users, we've added more fine-grained DPI controls in Tools menu > Options > General
For new installs, we changed the default Archive granularity from yearly folders to one folder

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