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If you’re in the market for a freeware sound recorder that doesn’t assault the user with tons of configuration options, Pocket Voice Recorder portable may be quite an appealing product. The application has been designed to work with microphones or any other input devices, providing just a limited number of configuration options and a very simple interface. Although this isn’t the intuitive look you may expect from a sound recorder, the interface of the app lets you start a new recording with minimum effort, while also displaying the existing recordings right in the main window. Called “messages”, the recordings can be played or deleted with the help of dedicated buttons, while the application also provides tools to export the files to WAV sound files. There’s not much to configure about Pocket Voice Recorder patch, but you can still play with settings concerning the playback volume and the recording volume.

Pocket Voice Recorder key

When minimized, this application continues to run from the System Tray, and the small icon there becomes a sort of headquarters for all the actions. My objection to this is that Pocket Voice Recorder 3.5 full setup hides there without any notice, what if I do not want such program to run and use my system resources? Pocket Voice Recorder patch records sound from your computer A handy sound recorder with an interesting look that records equally well from microphone and any other input, having straightforward controls

Actually, it does not look as a button but as another element of the design. However, you will soon notice what it is for. If you do not, moving the mouse pointer over the buttons and reading the tip texts will clear all your doubts in this respect. I was particularly confused when I tried to save my recording for there is no Save button at sight. Only after I explored the Set menu, I found the Export message to WAV option. However, saving only as WAV is a limitation, for there are many other applications of this type that will allow saving in other file types, as MP3.


  • It only records as wav
  • It is light and easy to use
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Download Pocket Voice Recorder 3.5 cracked – A handy sound recorder with an interesting look that records equally well from microphone and any other input, having straightforward controls I do not think it is necessary to tell you what Pocket Voice Recorder 3.5 patched does, because you have probably guessed that it will record sound from your computer. This software’s interface is quite fancy. The designer has decided not to use the traditional square window and adopted a shape that resembles a real pocket recorder. Nevertheless, although they have used the commonly known symbols for record, stop, play and pause, some people will not find the way easily through this awkward arrangement, particularly the red Record button in the center.

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