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Light-weight, flexible, skinnable manager of virtual notes on your desktop Stick your adhesive notes or Post-its on your computer’s desktop with PNotes crack. Don’t forget any appointment or task by downloading PNotes Full Version Free Download for free on your PC Many applications allow us to create virtual sticky notes that can be used on our computer’s desktop, but few of them offer as many options as PNotes with serial keys , because this simple program allows us to edit text inside the notes just as we would do with an editor, using skins to be able to personalize each entry or program notifications so that they appear at a specific moment.

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The control panel of the tool can be brought on the screen to help you better organize notes and configure settings. Customization options for the appearance are available in the 'Preferences' area; thus, you can allow transparency, use custom fonts, display the scroll bar and change the skin, among others. Furthermore, you can schedule a task (e.g. allow sound alert, enable visual notification, set text-to-speech settings), as well as change docking settings (e.g. custom skin, inverse docking order) and the behavior mode (e.g. save all on program exit, relational notes positioning), just to name a few.

PNotes full version with keygen download free contains user documentation and requires a low amount of system CPU and memory. We have not come across any error dialogs throughout our testing and PNotes license Key did not freeze or crash. Too bad the tool does not offer multi-language support. To sum it up, PNotes 9.3 Full Version Registration key is certainly a worthy app when it comes to keeping a rich-featured and easily accessible organizer on your desktop. Thanks to its intuitive layout and wide range of customization options, users of any level of experience can seamlessly explore this environment.


  • It is free
  • It allows you to remember important things
  • None
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You can make a new note, using your preferred font type, color or size. You can underline whatever you want, and write the text in italics or bold, applying your preferred alignment. You can adjust the note appearance, by changing the caption font or background color, and its schedule, so it will appear in your desktop at a given time, or at given intervals. You can also dock the note to your desktop, or send it out to someone as an email attachment. For a better management, you can create groups, and classify your notes into them. You can even save notes to your hard disk, and load them into PNotes 9.3 premium whenever you want.

System Requirements for PNotes:

How can I reset my password and not lose my notes?

I have checked the documentation of the software and I couldn’t find anything for password reset. After that, I checked the forums on the SourceForge website where PNotes is hosted.
It seems only the developer knows how to reset the password while keeping your notes intact.
Use the following link to post on the developer’s forums:
Noe: You might need to create an account in order to post.

What’s new in PNotes?

Fixed bugs:
New group is created with black background
Sending note text as e-mail body fails on special symbols
Search dialog does not get focus after applying hot key
Password protected notes appear without login dialog after switch between skinless and skinnable mode
Note still appears on the screen while its group is deleted
PNotes stops working when user tries to save the note whose group is already deleted
Long period schedule description is not shown properly at Control Panel
Notes remain without group after restore from full backup
Alarm timer for invisible notes does not start when program starts
Backup fails for encrypted notes
Setting random back color for skinless notes does not work
When program is locked, notes become visible after third pressing on unlock hot key

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  1. Basically there has been nothing notably added since MX 2004, another Photoshop CS fiasco, not worth buying if you’ve got the previous.

  2. Trouble is, I use it once and then the next day I have to re-download the program because it won’t work, even if I try from the programs in the start menu — and the desktop shortcut is a broken icon. Also, wish free offered scheduled scanning.

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