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VOW Soft PicaLoader 1.66 Full Version pre-Activated makes organizing your pictures a simple task. Download pictures, find pictures, and organize all of the pictures located on your computer. Some of the advanced features include being able to scan through JavaScript, HTML, and other scripting languages to find every link that directs to an image. The included download manager for downloading images allows users to pause and resume their downloads with the click of a button.

PicaLoader Full Version license Key

PicaLoader 1.66 Full Version Full Crack just needs the URL of the website with wallpapers and a few settings, and you will get all your favorite wallpapers downloaded to your PC automatically. You can also use filters for the wallpapers you want to download. For example 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 can be used to download wallpapers with big resolutions only. You can also create filter profiles with custom image resolutions and formats to download JPEG or GIF or PNG images only.

The user interface is easy to understand but the downloading process needs some hit and trial logic. You should try the program with a simple wallpaper website. Simple means, the website should not have a lot of links or ads in a page. Try a website that has wallpapers on its first page and you will get results in a couple of minutes. All the images or wallpapers found are run in a slide show and sorted by pages on your screen.


  • Makes finding images fast and easy
  • Convenient image management
  • User friendly interface
  • Sample projects help more than the tutorials
  • The help of the program does not work, seems to be a bug
  • Good variety of features
PicaLoader Full Version Activator

It is a useful utility that helps you find, download and organize pictures you find on the web. Very popular with digital artists, designers, photographers, webmasters, journalists and other people who need to quickly and efficiently get pictures form the web in large volumes. PicaLoader 1.66 registration keys offers you the possibility to view and download all the images from a website. It includes a viewer and filtering options, download PicaLoader activated A straightforward application that lets you search, download and organize millions of pictures from the Internet, in a time-saving process A picture organization program

System Requirements for PicaLoader:

  • Processor – Pentium class CPU – 200 Mhz
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • RAM – 64 Mb
  • Disk Space – 3MB free disk space and additional disk space for picture downloads
  • Video – 800×600, 65536 colors
  • Network – Connection to the Internet with TCP/IP protoco
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.vowsoft.com
  • Author VOWSoft Ltd
  • Last version 1.66

What’s new in PicaLoader?

Add new function to HTML Parser Script: ParseHTML, you can change link information before add to queue.
Queue browser performance enhanced.
Enhance download engine, retrieve original filename from most PHP/ASP/JSP dynamic site.
Add two variable for customize picture's filename: picture's URL and referral URL.
Some minor enhancement.
Enhance HTML Parser
Show URL level in download queue.
Add win.MessageBox function to HTML Parser Script, help you debug your script.
Enhance HTML Parser.
Minor change and bug fixed.
Export/Import task(s).
Now you can control the HTML parser by script language.
New HTML Parser.
Bug fix :Memory leak when analyst JavaScript.
Bug fix :Manual Login not work when re-start a project.
New error reporter.
Move error URL to queue so you can re-download them.
Bug fix: Window focus bug.
Bug fix: Few bugs in Window Vista.
Random slide show.

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  1. I’ve experience severals times unsuccessful download with the Adobe Download Manager. I thought it was only my PC but heck! almost every PC I touch having the same problem. I got 3 PC at home and 7 PC at workplace. All having the same problem downloading it. What is Adobe’s been doing with their Download Manager? Implanting a Spyware? Stick with an old version 6.

  2. This release was not ready at all (7046). Nonstop the most attractive option does not work I mean Blue screen it is not a little bug in the middle of your work!.

  3. the product needs to better protect their own files, they can easily be changed and is not getting as much virus as zipped spyware that are already in your database.

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