Perfect Player 1.1.4 Full Version Registration key

Perfect Player Full Version Registration Code

Create playlists for your media center player

Perfect Player Serial Key is a software utility designed to help you create various types of playlists, including video and audio playlists for your media center player. In addition, you can also manage your IPTV channels and make full use of the OSD capabilities of the application, in order to enjoy subtitles and various other on-screen content. The created playlist can be saved under a variety of formats, with file extensions ranging from M3U to XSPF, which are suitable for HTTP or UDP protocols. In addition, the utility also supports the XMTLV and JTV EPG formats, as well as extensive program guides.

Perfect Player Full Version pre-Activated

The most difficult part of using Perfect Player 1.1.4 registeration keys is configuring the channels. It requires entering the IPTV data and your account. Then, you can download and manage the available channels from playlists in M3U and XSPF formats. Luckily, the program can scan the channels to find if their signals are available and put a “no signal” label to the inaccessible ones. Once you have finished setup step, everything becomes much easier. In this regard, using the program is not any harder than using a standard TV or a media player. The tool supports playing available subtitles and other kinds of on-screen contents. The available channels can be arranged in many ways. For instance, it is possible to group various of them, rename some and even hide others.

Lets you watch IPTV channels and generate playlists for your media center In order to receive high-quality television on your computer, you can make use of an IPTV service, which delivers TV channels directly onto your computer system, without any other form of cable involved in the process. Thus, in order to manage the channels and create playlists featuring your favorite media content, you can make use of an application that provides you with all of this functionality in a single, reliable package.


  • Easy to navigate through the channel list
  • Works with various playlists
  • Difficult to configure
  • Creates playlists for your media center
  • Supports M3U and XSPF playlist formats
  • Mediocre media player
Perfect Player premium

Download Perfect Player 1.1.4 free – A software utility that enables you to open and generate XMBC playlists, while also being able to play movie clips and manage channels Perfect Player full version setup is a full-featured IPTV and media player. In other words, the program lets you access practically any TV channel that is broadcast over the Internet as well as play local media files. Besides, it supports not only opening but generating XMBC playlists.

System Requirements for Perfect Player:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Sergey Nikitin
  • Last version 1.1.4

What’s new in Perfect Player?

Added Portuguese localization
Added Greek localization.
Added Auto update checkbox to the EPG matching buttons section:
Unckeck it to avoid annoying EPG programmes reloading after each EPG manipulation. Check it back when you finished manual EPG assignments.
Added very useful Stick by group channels list sorting. It is in popup Sorting menu.
Added PluginIPTV support. This plugins are for proper settings handling of specific IPTV providers. See plugin at Plugins page.
Improved playlist, EPG and plugin’s pages downloading: following redirects when net protocol changes. Widely used by URLs shortening sites like

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47 Comments on “Perfect Player 1.1.4 Full Version Registration key”

  1. good but just for XP, what a joke when you don’t have xp,age of empires one and two for all os systems.

  2. This is one of the most useful programs in my computer. Take the time to learn all the special things it does, not just the usual.

  3. Right out of the gate I had to reach tech support that said there was a known issue regarding corrupt files, a very frequent occurrence (required a fresh boot every time). A fix was on the way, I was told. I then began to receive annoying automated emails asking if the issue was “resolved” and which stated I must reply within 4 days or the case would be considered closed. After several months with no fix, I tried to contact tech support again, but because I was outside the support window my only option was pay more for a product that never worked correctly in the first place! I tried other routes but to no avail. This is a poor product with irresponsible company support.

  4. Adobe Flash Player é necessario e gosto muito dele mas não consigo instalar para windoes 10

  5. haven’t found any yet lol and I’ve used the free version for a couple of years alongside others with no conflict at all (except for AVG, it doesn’t work alongside of AVG lol)

  6. Fast and flexible deployment (Win, Lin, VA, NAS), backup and replication locally, offsite, and to Amazon cloud. Global data dedup and compression. Instant recovery for VMs, files, and application options.

  7. One of the few free recorders that has a scheduler that works. Program itself is great!

  8. I’ve tried to add a host, but it wants me to get the pro version, so thus yyou are unable to make more hosts without “paying the price”.

  9. will not detect or work with shared drives and even some USB drives or any form of rom drive

  10. Slow to open–problem/conflict with Windows 7??? I’m not a techie so I can’t diagnose. On top of which, 95% of the time it refuses to open and then I have to do some hocus-pocus or log off and reboot. It’s a royal pain.

  11. nothing. but i recommend file scavenger which is very powerful in recovering

  12. Pro does not permit more than two send accounts.
    Pro could not set up more than three receive accounts
    Enterprise support consists of one person, 10 time zones away.
    Support person unable to address issues
    On Win8 and AVG2014, it thinks connection is encrypted, which it confirmed not to be encrypted.
    Thoroughly frustrating, and went back to old reliable Outlook

  13. Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rated F. Bad service. No Phone Support. NO REFUNDS! Bad all around. You will wish you never dealt with these people. Wish I had bothered to check BBB or read all the NEGATIVE but true Reviews regarding them.

  14. No longer able to enter start and end time manually via the time code space. Have to play video and scroll through. This also creates problems for long videos since you cannot resize the window. Previous versions were excellent, this latest version is a major step backwards in terms of functionality.

  15. If you don’t add a password, your clients could get hacked. We started with no password and while we were on the clients computer, we could see someone asking for access. Of course we said no.. that’s when we contacted Ammyy and they told us about the password.

  16. BUGS, lots of them! This makes it unreliable. Also slow and gets unresponsive at times (it might need a more powerful PC). Installs OK but terminates with an error on Windows 7 RC when creating new tasks.

  17. I couldn’t get it to install! I did get Photoshop Essentials to install though, and you have to give your email and info to Adobe for a free registration key they ask for when first using it. Warning though if you have to do a system restore, it stops the trial! I lost more than 1/2 my time with it. Just a system restore to the day before, not an operating System install.

  18. You never see the end result because it hangs as soon as you click on ‘convert’. Waste of money!

  19. I’m getting French version during startup, but it changes to English shortly after.

  20. renames files by adding the format version on the file itself making the original file longer, confusing, complicated; doesnt play on home dvd player when converted/reformatted file is burned on a dvd burner

  21. Goofed up my video viewing capabilities as well as screwing up OTHER things on my computer.

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