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Easy to install and set up, it works just like any other printer when it comes to transforming any printable document into a PDF file. Just send it to the pdfFactory preactivated printer and wait for the program to open the resulting PDF in its editing window. There you can preview the file and perform some basic edits to it, such as rotate your PDF file, embed the original fonts, customize the way links will be dealt with, delete unwanted pages and rearrange the rest, combine various files into a single PDF, copy it to the clipboard, and send it via e-mail to someone else as an attachment.

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You'll also want to take a closer look in the 'General Settings' section which includes various options for auto-saving like limiting the number of saved files and asking for confirmation before creating files larger than 10 MB, for example.

Bottom line

The ease of use, decent set of customizable features and fast processing speed recommend this application, but since it is not free of cost, you should take it for a test drive first to see if fits your bill.

Generate, modify, and save PDF documents There are dozens of virtual printers capable of creating PDF files out of a number of Office files and other types of documents, and there is also a wide range of PDF editors out there that will let you enhance them to various degrees. pdfFactory 7.22 codes, however, brings you the best of both worlds in one single application, allowing you to create and customize PDF files in a clear and straightforward way. For a change, pdfFactory premium is not presented by its developers as a full replacement for Acrobat Pro DC, a goal that no other PDF editor in the market has ever reached. pdfFactory 7.22 serials offers enough PDF-related functionality to satisfy the average user, but do not expect an Adobe Acrobat twin for a fraction of its tag price.


  • Combines files from various sources into one PDF file
  • Creates PDF files from a wide variety of software tools
  • Inserts and deletes pages
  • No accessibility features
  • Embeds fonts
  • Just print to this driver and you can have an electronic copy of any document. Great for archiving.
  • I did not get the program.
  • Nothing I can think of.
  • This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.com.If you like Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Pro) for creating PDF files, then you’re in for the next generation in document creation with pdfFACTORY PRO. pdfFACTORY PRO does a great job producing uniformly high-quality PDF files and with accurate graphics. The editor is a very clean viewer and allows the user great control over how your document will appear and print, and pdfFACTORY PRO has many features that Acrobat does not. The Help file and manuals are very well documented. Encryption, compression, bookmarks, watermarking are all included features. pdfFACTORY PRO can automatically create a table of contents and bookmarks based on your document’s styles, and it converted all of the external links in the document to live links in the PDF file. pdfFACTORY PRO also matched Acrobat’s quality when converting WordPerfect, Word, CorelDraw, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Well worth the money. Thanks to pdfFACTORY PRO, I won’t need to buy Acrobat ever again, saving me tons of money and headaches. (There’s a new 2.1 version out now free for download.)
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PDF files are a standard when it comes to saving documents, especially when it comes to making sure that the person that views the file can’t make any changes to it. Nevertheless, creating PDFs isn’t integrated into the most common editing applications. With pdfFactory 7.22 preactivated we’ll be able to create PDF files from the program of our choice.

Create PDFs from your favorite application

pdfFactory 7.22 pin installs on the system and emulates a printer, so when we want to create a PDF from any file we have been working on, all we have to do is choose to print the file, and choose the pdfFactory keygen printer, this will launch the application and we will be able to see the PDF editing options.

System Requirements for pdfFactory:

  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 10
  • Homepage: fineprint.com
  • Author Fineprint Software
  • Last version 7.22

What’s new in pdfFactory?

various bug fixes when embedding and rendering fonts
fixed a bug that caused overstruck text to be drawn an incorrect locations in the PDF file
Improved the appearance of the product icons
Fixed bugs for systems where the left/right mouse buttons are swapped
Fixed bugs that were causing highlighted text in embedded FP notes to display error messages or to generate incorrect PDF files (Pro only)
Fixed bugs that caused Type 1 fonts to be imaged incorrectly
Improved hit-testing for the page popup buttons (Insert, Paste, Rotate, Delete), to reduce unwanted actions caused by accidental clicks
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect redraws when zoomed pages are dragged with the Hand cursor
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused incorrect PDF/A output

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