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The PDF (Portable Document Format) has been introduced back in 1993 and since then it has fought its way up becoming the reference document format in the world. Being an independent format, the PDF does not apply to restrictions such as software, hardware or operating system. While Adobe, the developer of this particular document format, offers a complete solution for your PDF publishing needs in the form of the Acrobat Pro software package, its price tag has always made users look for cheaper yet comprehensive alternatives and Pdf995 can be considered one of them.

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With pdfEdit995 11.0 premium, create PDF files from any application by simply selecting the print command. Preview documents, combine files, change page orientation, add confidential stamps, create PDF stationery, adjust image resolution, summarize documents, convert PDF to several image file formats, create batch print jobs from Microsoft Office applications, and choose from several file-naming methods. Encrypt or digitally sign your PDF documents. pdfEdit995 11.0 Full Version license code offers a wealth of additional functionality, such as combining documents into a single PDF, automatic link insertion, hierarchical bookmark insertion, PDF conversion to formatted HTML or DOC (text only), integration with Word toolbar with automatic table of contents and link generation, auto attach to email, and stationery and stamping. Combine documents into a single PDF with pdfEdit995 11.0 registeration keys!

A suite of tools designed to facilitate document publishing, allowing document merging, bookmark and link insertion, PDF conversion and more The pdfEdit995 Full Version Registration key conforms a PDF-related software suite together with Pdf995 and Signature995 and is the free way to access to edition of PDF files. It's not exactly free though. You can choose between the sponsored version – for free – in wich you will be seeing ads for Pdf955 and other software produced by the same software company, and the really affordable registered version. This module is the most important of three in the suite. On an easy-to-use interface consisting on a set of tabs you will be provided of multiple interesting and usefull functions to edit your PDF files, among them :


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable licensed version
  • Ugly interface
  • Only English supported
  • Free version available
  • They give you an installation that will fail unless you already have the previous version installed. Then they give you the installation successful web page. No option to install the previous version is offered – at least none that you can find easily. I’m not hunting for it I’ll just use a different piece of software, eh!
  • Miserable user doc, no examples showing how to do it. The links, bookmark and extract (split PDF into multiple files) features are extremely hard to use. The combine feature works extremely well, and it almost intuitive.The UI is poor – there are 3 rows of tabs, and the dialog box doesn’t resize. Most features depend on a couple of setup files which are hidden under an obscure location in c:users{my profile folder}, and how to use them is undocumented.The links feature only works for external URLs, not internal bookmarked locations in your document, but this may be a limitation in how the Adobe PDF file layout works.
  • It’s a CREATE program, not an edit program, and did exactly what it promised. I was able to quickly convert my QuarkXpress files to PDF for delievry to a printer. Thanks, PdfEdit995! Outstanding utility, and very easy to use.
  • Can’t resize window; poor documentation, so you have to experiment. No preview
  • None. I’ll try another piece of software.
pdfEdit995 registered

pdfEdit995 Activator Free Download is part of the Pdf995 Suite of products. As a group, they offer a complete solution for your document publishing needs, providing ease of use, flexibility in format, and industry-standard security. And all at no cost to you. pdfEdit995 Full Crack is an easy-to-use utility for pdf995 which enables you to: 1. Create links. 2. Bookmark pages. 3. Automatically attach a PDF to an email message for sending. (This requires that a default MAPI compliant email client such as Microsoft Outlook is specified.) 4. Combine multiple (2 or more) documents into a single PDF document. This can be used to create PDF documents from multiple applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even other PDF documents. 5. Web View. Optimize PDF documents if you plan to post them on web servers that support bit streaming. This may increase PDF file size. Compress Existing PDF – This tool will apply compression to reduce file size of a PDF. The new PDF may not be viewable in older PDF viewers. 6. Rotate page orientation by 90 degrees, resulting in a "landscape" orientation. This is particularly useful when printing PowerPoint presentations and Excel charts. 7. Create stationery: create letterhead, an embossing, or backgrounds for PDF documents. 8. Include pdf995 and pdfEdit buttons in the Microsoft Word toolbar. Facilitates automatic transfer of links and Table of Contents to PDF. 9. Autoname provides 3 options- a. Name and specify location of the PDF document using the "Save As" dialog (default). b. Automatically name the document based on the originating document and save it in the pdf995output folder. c. Save all PDF documents to the same filename. When this is selected the user is prompted to specify a PDF filename. This can be helpful when pdf995 is incorporated into automated workflow systems. 10. Embed fonts. 11.

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  1. in this version 5 has a advantages feature in remove :

    1. .mp4 mobile… this feature help me for converting too many video to video can play in any phone and smartphone
    2. multithread change (you can change how many “thread” processor you can use) is missing)

  2. – I tried version 2.0 with a Verizon cell & Outlook (plus ACT! software). It would only dial as a ‘data call’ (fax?). No obvious customer support. No online forum to help problem-solve. I really want this to work! Maybe I’ll try 3.0.

  3. Latest software update downloaded 13 PUPs and PUMs which took some time to find and delete. ByteFence “anti-malware,” BF Report, Chromium, and some other junk. Fortunately, the Pro version of Malwarebytes was able to find and blast this crud. I thought I was carefully refusing the additional crapware, but it downloaded anyway. I would NOT update this program if you already have it.

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