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The Portable Document Format files, better known as PDFs, seem to be spreading continuously and it's hard to imagine a computer user who has yet to come across one. Used for everything from application documentations to official papers, these files are widely recognized and appreciated for their ability to handle several types of content inside the same document. Most often used inside PDFs is the text and image combination which basically makes one such file incompatible with regular text editors. For those who need only one type of content and want to pull it out from such documents, utilities like PDF Shaper Free activated are the way to go by. This particular application has a very simple interface, with all the functions clearly delimited, so when selecting any of them, a dedicated module will open. You can have as many concurrent windows as you need.

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A PDF management utility that allows you to convert the documents to RTF, extract images or split the file into multiple smaller PDFs In order to manipulate the pages of a PDF file, convert its content between formats, and to protect it against unauthorized use, you will either have to purchase one of the various costly PDF editors existing in the market or to take advantage of PDF Shaper Free 10.0 Full Version license code. This free tool will let you perform all of those changes in your PDF files in a simple and straightforward way and at no cost at all.

Download PDF Shaper Free 10.0 full version with keygen download free – A PDF management utility that allows you to convert the documents to RTF, extract images or split the file into multiple smaller PDFs PDF Shaper is a powerful PDF editing and manipulation app that has a stack of tools to help you modify and optimize your .PDF formatted files. PDF editing is very simple with the various tools this utility has on offer. You can rotate or delete individual pages or layouts, extract or crop pages using custom sizes, and split or merge pages and documents. All from within an intuitive user interface.


  • Includes PDF conversion tools
  • Offers encryption and decryption of PDF files
  • Does not offer text editing functions
  • Includes a basic PDF reader
  • Supports digital signatures
  • Simple easy to understand.
  • Cannot evaluate because of apparent virus.
  • Works very well.
  • All tested and OK, no cons found.
  • As far as I know, none
PDF Shaper Free full

PDF Shaper is a set of feature-rich PDF tools that makes it simple to split, merge, watermark, sign, protect, optimize, convert, encrypt and decrypt your PDF documents. The software is optimized for low CPU resource usage and operates in batch mode, allowing users to process multiple PDF files while doing other work on their computers. PDF Shaper’s clean, intuitive interface allows users to become productive in just a few minutes.

System Requirements for PDF Shaper Free:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.pdfshaper.com
  • Author BurnAware
  • Last version 10.0

What’s new in PDF Shaper Free?

New Features:
New tools – Rename tool and Extract Text (CSV).
Added additional view style – Menubar.
Added option to place Sidebar on the left side.
Support of VMware Workstation v15 and higher.
Updated help and translations.
Command-line improvements.
Improvements to user interface and program performance.
Bug fixes:
Resolved issue with loading files with 256-bit encryption.
Added Japanese translation.
Improved loading speed for PDF files with 1.000+ pages.
Improved PDF to DOC tool.
Improved PDF to text conversion.
Improvements to all Watermark tools.
Improved Unicode text extraction.
Improved OCR reading for non-English characters.

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