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PDF Reader activator is the one app you can rely on when you need a portable solution to work with PDFs. You can open, view, zoom and print PDF files. Very small, only about 4 MByte PDF Reader with keygen uses a moderate amount of system resources and includes a step-by-step guide with snapshots and animated tutorials. Unfortunately, it crashed a couple of times during our tests out of the blue. But the biggest problem is that you cannot save changes. We recommend PDF Reader 4.0 Full Version Activation Key with reservations.

PDF Reader free download

  • PDF file manager and viewer.
  • Highlight, underline, cross out text and make comments anywhere on the document.
  • Vertical and horizontal scroll modes.
  • List and grid view.
  • Open files protected with a password.
  • Search for keywords within the document.
  • Import files from folders on other devices.
  • Share files as attachments.
  • Function to draw and scribble on documents.
  • Storage synced with Kdan Cloud.

View and comment on PDF files with this software Download PDF Reader 4.0 pin – A user-friendly and easy-to-use piece of software that enables you to view and print PDF files or send them as email attachments PDF Reader 4.0 full version with crack is a PDF file reader for Windows 10 with advanced editing functions that include online cloud storage, writing notes, and free-hand drawing A user-friendly and easy-to-use piece of software that enables you to view and print PDF files or send them as email attachments


  • Menu is cluttered with tabs, features
  • Finding desired features can take time.
  • Users can add comments to PDF documents.
  • Meaning of some icons is unclear
  • Includes maximum security and privacy safeguards
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PDF Reader 4.0 serial keys is a software with a pretty self-explanatory title – it allows you to view and make adjustments to your PDF documents. The interface of the application is clean and intuitive. You can use the Explorer-based layout to locate and open PDF files. So, you can use basic editing tools, such as pencil, brush, circle, table, arrow, line, filled, filled with border, line cap or join style. Furthermore, you can add and edit text, zoom in and out, paste from another PDF document, edit the page source code, use a search and replace function, replace prices, highlight keywords and set the font color of all text to the foreground color. On top of that, you can add link annotations, duplicate selected fields, rotate content, fix the form field position, add vector text, change text blocks and split a text object/ In addition, you can remove demo watermarks, insert and edit pictures and stamps, skew, mirror or flip images, add and extract pages, create bookmarks, edit metadata, password-protect the PDF file, and more. It is very small, only about 4 MByte to download. You can open, view, zoom and print PDF files. You can also modify pdf files (but you can not save them in the free version). You can add, change and delete text and pictures and print it out. Easy to use interface.

System Requirements for PDF Reader:

  • Pentium PC
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage: www.cadkas.de
  • Author CAD-KAS GbR
  • Last version 4.0

10 Comments on “PDF Reader 4.0 full download”

  1. Can be dangerous for newcomers to use because it is so easy to use. The price.

  2. Freezes after copying – once I hit alt control delete and it unfroze and thought I could just do that everytime and then I thought it was copying onto a disk took it out and put in the next disk to copy and it WROTE OVER THE SOURCE DISK!!!!

  3. Doesn’t open PDF’s and wiped out 6.0. I can’t open PDF’s. Tried to reinstall 6.0 but it didn’t work. Sorry I tried 7.0

  4. When I install Adobe Reader 8.1.2 it changes all desktop icons and Quick Launch icons to Adobe Reader icons. If I click on any of these icons it runs Adobe Reader. If I uninstall Adobe Reader all desktop icons return to normal. Need assistance with install on Windows Vista operating system. Thanks

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