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There’s not much to say about this tool, as it doesn’t offer anything new than the well-known features of the old MS Paint: the same brushes, the same color palettes, the same editing functions, and the same supported file formats. Since it will be installed separately, it can be used next to the new MS Paint tool without any problem. In conclusion, if you feel like sticking to the old Paint on your newer Windows system, get Paint XP Full Version Registered and that’s it.

Paint XP full version free

Feeling nostalgic? Have the visual upgrades that started with Windows 7 rubbed you the wrong way? I personally can attest to that. When I saw the (then) new button arrangements in the MS Office suite, I raised a brow then proceeded to curse every time I did not find a button. Why would they hide everything behind those tabs when the old interface allowed for the essential buttons to be always exposed is beyond me. I cannot say the same thing for Paint. However, if you really enjoyed the classic look and feel of the worlds most simple and accessible drawing program, this might be to your liking.

Paint XP full version puts the old MS Paint tool in a standalone, easy-to-install package, mostly meant to be installed on newer Windows operating systems, like Windows 7 and Windows 8, where the MS Paint app has been completely reworked and many users might still miss the old look and feel of the default Windows graphic editing tool. Paint XP 1.5 For Windows 10 Download is small, neat, and lightweight. You can easily download and install it on your newer Windows operating system so that you can enjoy MS Paint as it was back in the days. It’s also free, so getting it won’t cost you a thing.


  • Free
  • Small, neat and lightweight
  • None
  • Keeps the newer version of MS Paint untouched and can be run next to it
Paint XP full version with keygen download

Paint XP For Windows 10 Download uses the same resources as the embedded Paint program. That means it shares the same recent documents, but that’s about it. Of course, the old interface also bears the old tools. There are no movable lines or anything fancy that you might have grown accustomed too in the modern versions of Paint. Still, if you’re longing for for limited functionality, then Paint XP 1.5 For Pc Free Download might be up your alley. On good thing is that you can keep it open along side with the current Paint program and experience its archaic nature in contrast with modernity. Your choice.

System Requirements for Paint XP:

  • Author MSPAINTXP
  • Last version 1.5

What’s new in Paint XP?

Added Paint 98

Paint XP 1.1 Activator Free Download

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  1. This is great. When you download the program you’ll receive a warning that the publisher is not verified, no problem. It is safe. If you would rather use the XP Paint program instead of the newer one, this is it and the download is easy and super fast. Thank you.

  2. Whatever it’s called, I love it so much that I would want to spend the whole afternoon. But how do you download it?

  3. I love this software; it’s a shame you couldn’t mix colours together such as red and blue.

  4. I bought this card software three years ago and was very happy with it. however I lost my computer and did not reorder the software. is there a CD for purchase and please send me information as to where I can purchase the blank card stock and cases.

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