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It's also possible to remove files from the exclusion list or add new ones as well as choose the severity level from low (applications or settings you should pay attention to), medium (potentially dangerous programs or critical system changes) and high (programs identified by Cloud Antivirus as dangerous).

Fast and easy-to-use malware scanner

The tool detected many browser-related issues in our tests. It performed scans fast while remaining light on system resources consumption. Thanks to its attractive interface and straightforward options, OSHI Defender 1.6 serials can be used by anyone interested in adding an extra layer of protection to their computers.

OSHI Defender precracked

Straightforward utility to clean and keep clean your PC from all threats Download OSHI Defender full version crack – Uses cloud-based scanning to check your Windows startup, browser addons, DNS servers, and Hosts file for any suspicious activity and fix issues Uses cloud-based scanning to check your Windows startup, browser addons, DNS servers, and Hosts file for any suspicious activity and fix issues Our computer is permanently exposed to all kinds of threats, from cookies to viruses and from PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) to registry errors. PC protection tools such as OSHI Defender Full Crack not only detects and fixes all of these threats, but it also works permanently in the background to make sure that no new malicious software programs interfere with your system’s security and performance.

While testing this tool, the program listed two uninstall files as PUPs, so I recommend you to go through the Critical Level Threats list carefully before clicking on the “Fix Your Problems Now” button. Now that your computer is clean and safe, OSHI Defender pre-Activated Free Download will stay on watch for as long as your PC is connected looking for new threats trying to find their way through your system. You can set up your preferred security level among Low, Medium, and High.


  • Straightforward functionality
  • False PUP positives with clean uninstall files
  • Detects all types of threats, both low-level and critical
  • Keeps working in the background to protect your PC
  • Customizable cleaning processes
OSHI Defender full version serial keys

With the click of a button, OSHI Defender 1.6 Full Version pre-Activated promises to fix all problems by deleting the corresponding files. Alternatively, you can pick any one file to delete, ignore or exclude from future scans and prevent the app from deleting it. However, since there are no useful file descriptions aside from a web address that, in some cases, might be enough to be recognized and trusted by the users, we doubt that most would be curious enough to conduct own investigations and find out if files are worth keeping.

System Requirements for OSHI Defender:

  • 30 MB RAM or higher
  • 12 MB Hard Disk
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.oshidefender.com
  • Author OSHI Limited
  • Last version

What’s new in OSHI Defender?

Added! Userinit and Shell scanner.
Added! Scanner of running processes.
Added! Scanner of Windows configuration problems.
Added! Multiselect in scan results.
Added! Anti-winlocker profile and task.
Added! Ability to request trial directly from UI.
Improved! Tasks can be scheduled with finer granularity.
Improved! Exlusions by path accept wildcards now.
Improved! Recommended action is explicitly present in action list.
Fixed! Cloud scanner is more robust.
Fixed! Tray icon reappear after explorer restart.
Fixed! Duplicate threats are merged now.
Fixed! Hang on scan results closing when actions are applying.
Added! 15-days fully functional trial subscription.
Fixed! Crash on restore from quarantine.
Added! Notification balloon.
Improved! Scan results export.
Fixed! Delete action for disabled IE addons.
Fixed! Move to and restore from quarantine.
Fixed! Several minor bugs.
Added! Uploading files to the cloud.

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  1. Notice the two user (amanda-wu and SariClause) who gave 5 stars ONLY reviewed this company’s products and of course gave 5 stars. They are fake accounts giving fake reviews. I’m sure after they read this they will review several other products…

  2. The program was very limited and did not operate on 2 of the 5 computers I was trying to wipe clean. After considerable frustration, I found a free program that worked on all my computers. It’s Eraser at heidi.ie/eraser/. Eraser is a simple and effective program.

  3. poor layout, not intuitive. often received erroneous reads on my backups, saying they are invalid when they are not. Problematic. Poor customer support.

  4. Would have gotten 5 stars if it could do time lapse still captures and capture more than one device at a time.

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