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Browse the web and chat on popular social networks Orbitum full version serial keys is a Chromium-based web browser that has some unique features specifically intended for social networking. The program has the same slim interface that characterizes Chrome, and it is as easy to use. Luckily, it also inherits great speed and stability from its web-rendering engine. Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 full version’s most outstanding characteristic is its seamless integration with two social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki. In this regard, the browser has a built-in chat, which is accessible from a sidebar and, therefore, allows you to interact with other people while you are browsing other pages.

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If you’re a big social media user, you will enjoy the integrated messaging window that will enable you to keep up-to-date with all your notifications, regardless of which site they are coming from. Users of VKontakte will also enjoy the fact that Orbitum reg keys facilitates the customisation of your VK page. Change the theme, background, color and fonts to create your own original look – you can even animate your page or introduce different levels of interactivity. Orbitum serials also boasts an in-built music player so you don’t have to login to VKontakte to listen to music – you can get instant access through the application. A free browser that integrates your social network and improves accessibility – doesn’t get much better than that!

As a browser, Orbitum pre-Activated Free Download is simple and effective and has most of the features offered by other browser applications. What differentiates it from its rivals is its capacity to integrate with social media sites, and particularly Facebook, to give you automatic and immediate access to notifications within your social media network. Another cool feature is that Orbitum pin allows you to decide who can see you are online and who can’t – giving you an additional layer of privacy in social media activities. The interface is simple and the performance is exceptional. In terms of both stability and speed, Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 For Pc Free Download achieves high standards that make it useful and effective application.


  • Integrated audio player
  • Built-in chat
  • Supports plugins
  • Quick launch toolbar
  • Privacy concerns
Orbitum full version

More and more such utilities are being created on the backbone of Chromium and among the new arrivals Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 pin can be counted. The nice and simple interface conceals the powerful components that made Google's Chrome one of the top browsers on the market and also offers a pleasant browsing experience to its users. The innovation brought by this particular tool consists of a seamless integration with some social networks like Facebook or Vkontakte. Thus, with Orbitum Full Version Registered you will be able to chat with your friends while browsing on any other webpage.

System Requirements for Orbitum:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Free disk space: 22 MB
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.orbitum.com
  • Author Orbitum LLC
  • Last version 56.0.2924.92

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  1. This browser was created to let you use some functions that you can’t find in the standard edition of Google Chrome. So, in my strong opinion, Orbitum might be very useful for people, who often use Facebook, listen to music, chat with friends, etc.

  2. Guys, there are also some great browsers [like Fireox, Opera, Chrome, etc.] you should try before using that kind of copy / past Chrome browser.

  3. Excellent software for developing powerful relational desktop & web based applications for programmers and non-programmers alike.

  4. Comes preloaded with 21 directories, many of which are invalid and which don’t appear to have any way of being removed…frustrating.

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