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Features Worldwide, standard, S57 and encrypted S63 vector chart support. IHO S52 compliant display of S57 and S63 vector charts. BSB v3, and earlier, raster chart support. "BSB4" and "nv-chart" support through plugins. CM93 vector chart support, with per cell offset corrections. OpenGL support for enhanced performance on modern hardware. Single-chart and Quilted display modes. North-up, Course-up and Chart-up display modes. Moving-map display mode. Route navigation with ship tracking functions. Waypoint navigation. Dashboard, for configurable on-screen display of ship's NMEA data. NMEA 0183 GPS interface at selectable baud rate. Advance NMEA message handling structure, with built in multiplexer. Autopilot output support. AIS input with full target tracking and collision alerting. AIS support for SART with selectable MMSI for automatic MOB handling. AIS support for DSC and GPSGate Buddies. Anchor watch/alarm functions. GRIB file input and display for weather forecasting. GPX Waypoint, Track and Route input and output file support. Tide and Current prediction and display by location. Route planning with tidal support. Builtin great-circle routing. Integrated weather routing through qtVlm or separate plugin GPX Layers for annotation of charts. A selection of display themes. A growing number of plugins. Climatology, Weather Routing, WeatherFax, Google Earth, World Magnetic Variation, Voyage Data Recorder, AIS -radar, SAR and a LogBook, plus many more. Multi-language support. 20+ languages supported.

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OpenCPN 5.0.0 serials addresses a small group of users that have something to do with being a sailor and the fact that you just love technology and everything it has to offer in the marine navigation domain. This particular piece of software provides you with a chartplotter that accommodates both GPS data as well as an ENC (electronic navigational chart). The chartplotter exhibits the ENC along with the position, heading and speed of the ship, and may exhibit supplemental information from radar, automatic information systems (AIS) or other sensors. As opportune to particular marine applications, chartplotters may additionally exhibit data from other sensors, such as echolocators / sonar.

Plot a new course and sail with this nifty application software that brings you with a chartplotter part as well as GPS navigation OpenCPN 5.0.0 keys is a free software (GPLv2) project to create a concise chart plotter and navigation software, for use underway or as a planning tool. Download OpenCPN 5.0.0 Full Version Registration key – Plot a new course and sail with this nifty application software that brings you with a chartplotter part as well as GPS navigation


  • program on the Internet
  • Works with or without GPS
  • I didn’t find any
  • Uses ENC and RNC charts
  • There is a lot of information related to this
  • Free
OpenCPN serial keys

Moreover, the OpenCPN Registration Code application also delivers an integrated GPS navigation software that incorporates navigation with route calculation and directions from the software to the utilizer of the route to take, predicated on a vector-predicated map, mundanely for motorised conveyances with some motorised forms integrated on as an afterthought with the navigation tracking, often with a map "picture" in the background, but exhibiting where you have been, and sanctioning "routes" to be preprogrammed, giving a line you can follow on the screen. This type can withal be utilized for geocaching.

System Requirements for OpenCPN:

  • Homepage:
  • Author The OpenCPN Authors
  • Last version 5.0.0

I have Windows 10 on my computer, is this OK for running OpenCPN 4.4? Because I can’t see the charts correctly. Will be waiting for you answer, thanks.

I’ve downloaded the latest version available on the homepage of the application and then I’ve installed it on Windows 10 x64. I also loaded a sample chart that I’ve found online and everything worked normally. There were no graphical issues or something that could prevent me from displaying the charts. Also the latest stable version is 4.0.0 Build 2015-01-08.

Try installing that and remove the current one from your computer. To download the application, use the following link:

Is there a way to measure the arrival time at an interim way point on an active route?

Since I could’t find an exact solution to this particular issue, I strongly recommend checking the tutorials page where you can see everything about this software. You have steps for installation, customization and usage for the supported features inside OpenCPN.
They also have video tutorials that you can watch for better and fast understanding.

What’s new in OpenCPN?

The new version is a major update in both looks and features. It introduces some very powerful tools – split, or dual, chart panels and saved configurations in form of templates.
On MacOS, correct loss of global toolbar after timed message box.
Add downloader catalog for Rhone
In multicanvas mode, position route console on rightmost canvas.
Update Authors list.
As a successor to OpenCPN Version 4.6.1, OpenCPN Version 4.8.0 contains several incremental corrections and improvements. Among them are:
Expanded integrated vector graphics icon set for improved rendering of waypoints and routes.
Improved performance for some systems using large route and waypoint datasets.
Corrected support for Norwegian language systems.
Corrected support for some Raspberry Pi Touchscreen systems.
As a successor to OpenCPN version 4.4, OpenCPN Version 4.6 contains several new features and enhanced functions. Among them are:

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  1. Wrecks mouse on XP Pro.
    Hangs and disables attaching pdf files in Outlook Express.
    Horrible toolbar now that is not easily configurable
    FIREFOX WILL NOT ALLOW EARLIER VERSIONS, and if you try to use them on the same machine, it will disable your activity.

  2. When I installed the Actual Drawing program I was ready to spit out beautiful webages in a matter of seconds. My adrenaline was pumping I rushed through the various menus that lead to the shorcut that opened the program and found… a quite bland user interface that had little intuitive value and reeked of Windows 95. I looked through the emaciated templates that stared back at me as a sad attempt of at every internet fad ever… Annoying javascript menus, half-baked effects, and ill-matched colors. After I had finished my first webpage, I decided to export to html and get my hands into the real code. I was only dissapointed as I found that the html output was only javascript… I was hoping for css or something. Good thing I know javascript :).

  3. I just downloaded this product and during the installation Avira Security Suite Detected


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