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In order to configure the program you need to install the server and configure the channels that can be accessed by the users. Although you can specify the user names in the server application, each employee can create a profile when launching the client app. Since the program is designed for companies, the administrator can organize the users in several departments according to the internal organization. The group system is designed to provide users with certain privileges depending on their role in the company. The application provides access to multiple chat rooms that are available to all users. However, you can still control the access by banning certain persons or disabling their profile. Advanced filters enable you to ignore certain words, prevent access from an IP range or set a time limit for sending messages.

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Chat clients are able to customize their messages with various fonts, images and emoticons by using the included themes. Additionally, the app supports file transfer, link sharing and enables you to capture and send screenshots with just one click. An useful feature is the ability to create phrase templates when you need to frequently send the same message. As most messaging tools, the program provides notifications and sound feedback for multiple events. Moreover, the chat includes a message log and enables you to save important conversations to your hard drive. To improve efficiency, the users can use keyboard shortcuts to send screenshots and toggle the main window visibility.

Secure messaging in an enterprise network. A local server that is under your full control. Voice and video calls. Kanban board for task and project management. Group and private conversations with an ability to share files of any size. Intranet forum. Secure messaging in an enterprise network. A local server that is under your full control. Voice and video calls. Kanban board for task and project management. Group and private conversations with an ability to share files of any size. Intranet forum. Download mychat 7.1 For Windows Download – Allows you to configure a real-time chat server for medium-sized networks in order to manage the communication between multiple users


  • Very complicated interface for chat program
  • Includes option for multi-person chat
  • Easy tracks all your conversations
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Create a Chat Room or Direct Message with anyone on the same WiFi network, or within range of Bluetooth! Never before has it been easier to initiate a chat with anyone nearby! Very useful for those times you need to communicate without the expensive costs of SMS, or the Internet connectivity required to use IM/Social networks. Bypass the Internet & WiFi and communicate directly over Bluetooth with any iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod Touch (2G or later). Features Include: – Chat over WiFi or Bluetooth – Easy To Use, No Setup Required! – Fast & Reliable Connections that remain active while in range – Secure Direct Communications, Your messages are NOT STORED or LOGGED on any Server! Why Wait? Get mychat 7.1 activator Today!

System Requirements for mychat:

What’s new in mychat?

In general, MyChat 7.7 is a version with fixed bugs and improved performance. We fixed more than forty errors and laws of various degrees of difficulty. There are no big innovations, but we highly recommend to update.
Added the command mychat://quit for shutting down MyChat in URI API (MyChat protocol integration with a browser).
We have also made commsnds get bugs, get logs, and get logs today for getting ZIP protocol archives quickly. The program chooses logs it needs and packing them into one file. Then it opens the Windows Explorer with already selected file.
A new configuration for MyChat Server Autorun in Windows Windows (if an administrator forgets to enable it during installation):

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  1. Hello, please use the contact form on our site. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? Which version of Windows are you using? Do you have a firewall that may be blocking it?

  2. The ONLY con that I can find is that in the “monitored install” feature, you have to close EVERYTHING else for it to work properly; that means IMs, mail clients, literally EVERYTHING. That’s real big PIA when you want to do a simple install. I just don’t activate that feature so it really has no impact.

  3. I am in Uganda and have no way to purchase this application which is a solution to all financial problems. If there was a means other than credit cards, I would be glad to buy it. I have been using this free version and it was very helpful.

  4. Was a waste of time. I was wanting to burn my avi movie files to a DVD, but is not an option with this player.

  5. poor ratting when it comes to help.
    i have the product for 3 years and my Data base gets bigger and the program stops running, It is very difficult to get help from Boachsoft. even if you offer to pay.

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