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Moreover, the application offers you the possibility to create chapters with names for your compilation, for better organization. The menu creating process is complex, as you can customize the displayed buttons, title thumbnails and menu encoding quality. Furthermore, customization options extend to the subtitles options as well; as such, you can select the font, shadow, alignment or transparency, as well as audio conversion settings, including AC3 bitrate level.

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multiAVCHD Activation Code is a great solution for generating multimedia compilations, including Bly-Ray and PS3 outputs. It may take a considerable amount of time to configure all the settings for multiAVCHD 3.0 serial code, but this is a minor impediment considering the benefits it brings you. Combine multiple AVCHD/BD folders and AVC MKV, TS or M2TS files into a single structure using this simple and straightforward application

Download multiAVCHD 3.0 portable – Combine multiple AVCHD/BD folders and AVC MKV, TS or M2TS files into a single structure using this simple and straightforward application multiAVCHD pre-Activated is a simple solution for those who want to compile multiple video formats into a single, navigable structure. The output result is destined for audio discs, USB / SD / SDHC equipped Blu-Ray disc players, HD-DVD or SD-DVD players. Using multiAVCHD crack, you can easily combine multiple files and include them into a single structure. Although it is capable to create complex compilations and offers a wide range of settings you can use, multiAVCHD 3.0 with crack is an easy-to-use application. Its tab-based interface allows you to easily select the desired preferences while viewing every action you perform in a log window.

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multiAVCHD 3.0 registeration keys allows you to create a menu for your output assemblage, which can be customize by accessing the designated tab. The changes you can make include headline and footer, font and menu types. Another interesting feature is that multiAVCHD 3.0 full version setup enables you to add a background image to the menu or even a background video. Whichever is your option, customization options are available; you can set the saturation, brightness, and contrast levels or the blur amount.

System Requirements for multiAVCHD:

A friend of mine transferred a video from DVCAM camcorder Sony DVCAM-250 to a PC using Adobe Premiere and then he tried to convert resulting AVI file to AVCHD using multiAVCHD application, but he got the following error message: [10:57:44] Processing one title… [10:57:44] Existing G:multiAVCHDAVCHD cannot be used as destination folder! [10:57:44] Output will be written to: G:multiAVCHDAVCHD-20110627-105744 [10:57:45] Processing (G:MADINA 50MADINA 13.avi)… [10:57:45] Pre-processing AVI file… [10:57:45] Demuxing AVI video… [10:57:46] AVI video demuxed successfully… [10:57:47] Detected audio: ID#2:A_PCM (48000Hz 16bit 2ch 1536kbps) Language: und [10:57:47] Encoding AVI audio… [10:57:48] Added audio: A_AC3, “”, lang=und, timeshift=0ms [10:57:48] Video codec -1 is not allowed in AVCHD/BDMV… [10:57:48] Video height (-1) not compliant (480/576/720/1080)! Final output may be distorted. [10:57:48] Not enough data for meta creation! [10:57:48] Skipped! [10:57:48] No compatible input from (G:MADINA 50MADINA 13.avi). [10:57:48] Skipping to next input media… [10:57:48] No compatible folders/files processed… What could be wrong here?

As you can see the codec used does not allow you to perform the conversion. In this case, try to uninstall all the codecs in your computer, then choose something like CCCP Codecs or K-Lite codecs. An alternative way to bypass the error is to reconfigure the output settings.

What’s new in multiAVCHD?

Extract / View / Edit support for internal SUP/PGS/SRT/ASS/SUB/VOBSUB (DVD) subtitles in [properties]/[subtitles] –
MKV/AVI output modes.
Three new file modes added: MKV/AVC, MKV/XviD and AVI/XviD.
Some new stuff and fixes:
Fixed: Crash with some MKV embedded chapters.
Fixed: Crash with 'videoMODE' and 'videoEXT' parameters uninitialized errors
Added: Some new CROP options (marked with %W) to horizontally pad/crop videos in [transcode] window
Added: Option in [properties] / [alter detected properties] in RE-AUTHOR mode to replace playlist/title video track with external video from MKV/M*TS/TS or raw 264/VC1/M2V streams

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